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September 27, 2015


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AH effect, an agency for marketing and communication in Bremen advises SMEs to long-term marketing concepts. AH effect advises medium-sized companies, freelancers and entrepreneur on the selection of appropriate marketing measures. The main target group are medium-sized companies in different sectors. Special requirements of the segment a special attention be with the way of consulting the Agency. Especially medium-sized companies have mostly one its major rivals: their intense service and proximity to the customer. To convincingly communicate the strengths of the products and services, significantly increases the chances of winning new customers. In addition, the proximity of medium-sized companies to the customers require a clear expression of the corporate identity: empty promises of advertising are quickly debunked.

The key to acquiring customers is in the positive differentiation from the competition. In addition the risk of burnings of capital\”: the untargeted Awarding high advertising budgets without coherent and tailor-made approach often leads to Frust-but seldom to the desired long-term results. To define the strengths and features of medium-sized companies and to communicate is the task of modern marketing. To put on the company\’s own strengths, hence the right way is to attract new customers even in difficult economic times. Nothing impresses more than the real advantages of an enterprise. The clearer the corporate identity will be worked out, the more long-term promotions can be planned and implemented. Promotional activities are tailored to the target group, can be implemented even usually quite budget friendly: online marketing provides many efficient ways to promote medium-sized companies, also taking into account regional circumstances. \”However: flat-rate recommendations there are no!\” the marketing has the task, therefore to consider every customer and every industry and the Concepts to plan accordingly.

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