Strategic Teambuilding

October 21, 2014


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DOM SET Live Communications: Sheep instead of PowerPoint Cologne 23.3.2011. Especially in the area of change and strategy company appreciate moderated workshops away from the day-to-day business. More and more companies have also again support from communications professionals for good reason. After the crisis past, where tough austerity has been partly shut, businesses invest now increasingly in their staff\”, Dominik Deubner, Managing Director of DOM SET notes. Whether incentives or Manager meetings – the Cologne Agency for live communication is currently experiencing a significantly higher demand for experience-oriented events for executives and market access teams.

Currently designed inter alia to Cronos, the DekBank, Dorma, Lekkerland, Lufthansa, REICOFIL, RTL, TuV-consulting and Volkswagen team. The objectives and requirements of our customers are very different. The conviction is equal to all that is the work and experience beyond the own office building long term positive impact on the company and the employees affects. The companies proceed here very result-oriented\”, says Oliver malate, Creative Director of DOM SET. Why many renowned companies like to contact the Cologne Agency, is among other things to the competent advice in the definition of objectives and the large network of innovative and certified suppliers. Both enables the creative team specifically to respond to the individual needs of the industry and to integrate many extraordinary and surprising elements in the design team events.

Sheep instead of PowerPoint sheep herding, LEGO building, street view rally, sword-fighting, filming, dinner at the supermarket what seems at first glance like a colorful construction kit, opens to reveal the finished concept as a mix of effective methods of communication, strategy and team development. It is scientifically proven that man learns best if he not only consume content, but at the same time actively experienced\”, explains malate. No presentation on the topic of cooperation can be as effective as the group experience, in the Middle a herd immediately to live sheep, which means good teamwork and how it works. No mayflies, elaborate events without thorough and appropriate follow-up in the room to leave, the pros advise against. DOM SET consists on an unambiguous agreement of specific goals and requirements in direct talks with coaches and the HR managers on the customer side. Finally, customers receive a detailed documentation of the event. The ideal basis for the constructive planning of follow-up. Contact for the press Kerstin men Presse.Text.Konzept FON: + 49 (0) 221 16 99 59 30 E-Mail:

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