Strategies For Choosing An Effective Domain Name.

January 11, 2019


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I have a friend that I call “The King of the domains”, and I get to have around 50 domains. Today, many of them left because their business has changed and evolved. After much insistence, taught me to create domain names effectively, and that teaching is what I will share with you. 1. What is the purpose of your domain name? Are you thinking of using that name as the main website of your company, or a letter from a sales page? If you want the domain name for your business’s main site, try to find the name closest you can to the original name of your company. If you are a beginner, choose your business name and domain carefully. If the purpose of your domain name is for a sales letter page of your business, think about the future and imagine how you can promote this site. Since content is king in the world of marketing on the Internet today, there is little chance that any of these types of sites are listed by search engines keywords.

Therefore, your best promotion strategy is PPC, or pay-per-click, where you’re buying keywords for placement on search engines. If you buy keywords from Google, for example, paid listings appear at the top of a search in a blue box or the right side of your screen, you must be sure that the information shown there is attractive enough for someone to click and visit their website. 2. Think of a list of ideas the problem you are trying to solve or the solution you have.

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