Studying Chinese in Beijing

May 11, 2014


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Beijing Language and Culture University was founded in 1962, while he called the higher preparatory institute for foreign students. The main task of the university – to teach foreign students Chinese language and culture. There is also train Chinese students in foreign languages, Chinese language and literature, computer science and economics. At the same time, the University prepares teachers and Chinese as a foreign language, and trainees preparing to study abroad. Over 40 years of its existence the university has trained more than 60,000 foreign students from 160 countries and regions in the world, Chinese speaking and knowledgeable Chinese culture. At present the annual study of over 6000 international students and more than 3000 Chinese students.

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and teaching Chinese literature at the University has a long history and wide scale. And in the above two areas has already formed the educational system with a rich educational content. The University conducted short courses on teaching Chinese as a foreign language and study Chinese literature. Each stage of learning has its own peculiarities. Education received during training at the Beijing Language and Culture University, famous for its high level, both in China and abroad. Prepared in University exam to determine the level of knowledge of Chinese language (HSK) has become a test of the state level. Annually in 25 countries, more than 30,000 people take part in this test. With the continuous expansion of the exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, universities have established cooperative relationships with 125 universities in 38 countries and opened branches in Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

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