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MetroMedia Technologies

May 20, 2017


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Once a very long time advertising on city streets was created out of wood or metal panel coated with ordinary paint. But in the late 70s there was a revolution in outdoor advertising, when the technology first appeared computerized printing. In Russia, the progress of large format printing granted in 1995 in connection with the appearance in Moscow first large-format printer brought the U.S. company MetroMedia Technologies. It was only in 2001 large format printers appeared in St. Petersburg and in the last 7 years have made almost a splash in the outdoor advertising, without which today can not do any major company. For different types of advertising and use different types of technology press.

For example, for exhibition stands in the interior fit large-scale printing photographic quality (print resolution up to 1200 dpi). Such promotions are subject to external influences and should not be used outdoors. Suitable for outdoor advertising is still the same large-format print only with lamination (applying a protective film), which may make the matte, glossy or reflective. In addition, Interior print advertising and large format printing are quite different way of drawing the image on the advertisement, for example, outdoor advertising is enough expansion 180-360 dpi print interior requires the use of more meaningful (to 1240) the number of dots per inch. This is due to the distance at which to be viewed billboard and its size. Special attention should be paid to this direction large format printing such as printing graphics and artwork. To know more about this subject visit Robotics. For this direction is used inkjet wide-format plotter to print quality. It is this technology used to print copies Calendars FEATURES: bright, saturated colors, the best light scattering Printing width of 1.5 meters, length is not limited to lamination of images (matte, glossy laminate) rolling image on a firm footing (Plastic, foamboard) rapid production time from 1 day MATERIALS: Photographic paper (satin, gloss), self-adhesive film (matte, glossy, with a layer Removable) Backlkit (light-scattering film for light boxes) Special materials (banner fabrics, canvas, textured paper) ADDITIONAL SERVICES: photographing samples of your products by specimens Colour refinement of existing models of delivery orders are ready for departure manager show print samples

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