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Systematic Theology

May 2, 2017


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Study of systematic theology (gratis) continuation of Doctrine of God study 3 Knowing on Prescincia de Deus: if it relates to a knowledge of beforehand or previously; God knows all the actions human beings before they happen, wants is natural knowledge or in supernatural for God the nothing he is unknown, It he knows of everything before he happens and alone It happens if to allow in its decree of accurate orders, and in its prescincia he wants either in contingent things all are supported in its decree. (Ez. 3:6 and Mt.11: 21) ISm.23: 12; IIRs.13: 19; Jr.38: 17-20; The evil was not originated by God, to put the first one to give place to the evil was the Satan in its rebellion and desire of to be equal the God and in the land it stimulated eva to follow the disobedience comprovandoque the man in its free action, after the fall and disobedience, gave to place to the evil following the pecaminosa will, therefore of beforehand God wise person of everything and calls necessary knowledge being decreed thus it and daily pay knew the men. That is, the call knowledge necessary order is necessary knowledge, that if defines as prescincia, decree. That not to know the future it is the prescincia of God we can understand that is a choice accomplishes. Rm.8: 29; IPe.1: 2; Gl.4: 9. in the old will we read these references (; Jz.9: 6; Am.3: 2 Nm.16: 5;). God knows the man in all this before exactly that he decreed, any thing on it the man does not have a freedom without determination as that untied to air as a balloon without direction of a side for another one, in its intellect and the character, that is, rational self-determination) therefore .liberdade is not arbitrariedade and yes all action is resulted of the reason for which it hears the decision in acting being thus the man does not act uncertain and unexpectey but this conscientious one of its acts. Recently Mashable sought to clarify these questions.

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