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Payment Terminals

March 18, 2014


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Business to accept payments through terminals developed by leaps and bounds. Number takihterminalov past half year has increased several times. Business to accept payments through automated payment terminals growing by leaps and bounds. Number of terminals over the past half year has increased several times. Developed payment systems, integrated solutions, includes the supply of fully prepared to work with terminals installed software, offers leasing, streamlined service and technical support have made possible a situation where in this business can work even people without technical expertise or experience in the field of payment. However, there are several points at which sellers of terminals and payment systems representatives prefer not to aggravate attention to new dealers. For example, the actual degree of profitability, or aspects related to the implementation of the Law on Banks and Banking and the need to apply in payment terminals fiscal registrars.

Not so much attention, unfortunately, is usually given, and aspects of information security when building network of payment terminals. Some of these issues we will examine in more detail in this and several subsequent articles. So, decided to create a small network of payment terminals. Now you need to choose a payment system, which will be further work to prepare a business plan, find a supplier terminals and space for their installation. The choice of payment system, we are not going to affect. Almost all of them offer complete software solutions for the control of terminal operations and quality service to technical support. Differently in this business right now can not survive.

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