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June 20, 2016


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Fixed CPU performance of the virtual server is defined as USP Freiburg, July 31, 2008 – using Internet provider continum AG of Freiburgers stepped on server virtualization and has significantly expanded its service portfolio. However V base server, V professional refers to the service provider with its new VMware-based products and V-premium servers clear position against the typical virtual server of the bulk provider. Unlike you we define fixed values for the CPU performance and ensure a clear scope of services customers, as we know this also by any other business here\”, continum Board Rolf Mathis describes a significant difference to other market offerings. Its borders would reach their server performance also already there, where the weakest version of virtual continum systems is only now beginning. Products V base server, V and V-premium servers on the one hand characterised by low monthly costs and reduced setup packages, on the other hand you can at your fingertips at any time additional CPU, RAM and To provide disk resources. knowledge.

This ensures maximum flexibility in their growth in the E-business customers. The hardware resources required can also in case of varying requirements as with the seasonal business temporarily to the concrete needs align, so that for the rest of the time there is no more expensive overhead on performance. A free choice of operating system and server applications associated with server virtualization in your VMware environment by continum. Customers can have this fixed allocated hardware resources with up to 2 CPU cores, 4 or more GB of RAM, and at least 120 GB hard disk space of the V-Premium Server. With professional standards in E-business virtual machines designed for the mass market are not sufficient\”Mathis founded targeting VMware.

This product was the Mercedes in the virtualization software market and therefore also the benchmark for the own technology decision. The V server in all performance categories, users have a full root and Administration access. Alternatively, you can transfer the care including the E-business applications to continum. Other profile of of quality of service is that the processes in the high security data center of Freiburg provider on ITIL-aligned and the customers receive a personal and competent partner. You now have the required background and can thus initiate a targeted assistance\”, Mathis founded. About continum: Continum AG operates one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany in Freiburg i. br., Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications.

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