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Thermal Engineering

July 16, 2020


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System width 58 mm had three cameras. Their number is due to the functions that these cameras do. The first chamber provides temperature compensation and the organization of drainage vnutriprofilnogo space. That it accepts the outside air temperature. The second, or central chamber serves to accommodate the reinforcement amplifier. And, Finally, the third camera is designed to consolidate the elements of hardware. Whenever Samsung listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Thus, technically three cameras is sufficient. But the increase in the width of the profile allows you to put in additional profile partitions, thus increasing not only the number of cameras, but also to optimize heat flows within the profile and, ultimately, reduce heat finished construction. The above-mentioned system VEKA TOPLINE have 4 cameras, and SOFTLINE – already five. In new systems VEKA changed this important parameter, the depth of the glass installation. This parameter determines how deep inside the glass doors. The profiles 70 mm, this figure is generally equal to 18 mm.

In VEKA systems with improved energy-saving features and TOPLINE SOFTLINE installation depth of the glass is 21 mm. Inconsequential at first glance, three millimeters may be critical if Wood windows installed in a continental climate with strong temperature fluctuations and increased wind loads. The fact that it is remote frame glazing is one of the most significant wires cold. And move it to a warmer area significantly reduces the risk of lowering the temperature of the edge zones glass. As mentioned above, manufacturers of profile systems can affect the heat-saving properties of finished plastic windows only to the extent to which these properties are associated with a constructive solution profiles. Engineers VEKA ulalos change even one detail, have a direct impact on Thermal Engineering window. Feature of 70-mm systems VEKA TOPLINE and SOFTLINE is to expand the seam zone in the standard frames and sashes, making it possible to install them in glass widths of up to 42 mm (58 mm, maximum width of glazing does not exceed 32 mm) It is clear that all the above aspects are only one, albeit a very important part of what must be done to create a truly warm and safe box. VEKA engineering expertise enabled the establishment of such constructive, which makes life easier for the window manufacturer and builder. A final consumer – ensures reliable and quality product.

Electric Fireplace

October 17, 2011


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In which room in your house is better to install electric fireplace? One of the major advantages of electric fireplaces is their benefits. Because electric fireplaces are closed assembled system itself that allows them to install in virtually any room and move from place to place, without the need for installation. To install the heater requires only a little space in the room and the usual electrical outlet. Electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere in your home where you need them. The most common and obvious place to install the heater is, of course, a living room or Hall, a place where you normally used to gather and spend time with family, friends, relatives or visitors. In this case, the electric heater can become a center of attraction the attention of your guests, as well as become an additional place where you would like to exhibit their awards or photographs.

In some cases, the fireplace can also be surrounded by home entertainment technology. Above the fireplace you can hang a flat screen TV, multimedia installation can be embedded in a frame of an electric fireplace or put a portal around the fireplace. Safety of electric fireplaces means that children and pets can enjoy the beauty, comfort and warmth of the heater without fear of burns. Another good place to install the heater is a bedroom, while it may be a child's room or bedroom elderly, electric fireplaces do not pose a danger to anyone in your family. Fireplaces can heat a room to a comfortable and cozy temperature controlled thermostat, built into it.

Electric fireplaces little susceptible to breakage, they do not are any leaks and other problems encountered in conventional heating systems facilities. Electric fireplaces are rarely causes of injuries hitting his foot when you walk through the house, as it often happens to the heat radiators, installed in the middle of the room. Winter Garden can also be considered as a place setting fire to, because often there is no way to bring central heating for them. By purchasing the right to power electric heater, you can heat up the winter garden a cozy and comfortable temperatures even in winter time. Heat generated by the electric fireplace will promote the growth of plants being in your garden during the winter period. Easy to install electric fireplaces, their mobility and simplicity, making them an excellent choice for heating almost any room. Especially in residential rooms where the main central heating is not doing its job and there is a need for additional heating. Install an electric fireplace is available wherever it is necessary and then to be used when you need. This is what makes buying the heater so profitable investing money.

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