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Sectional Doors

July 17, 2012


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Sectional – a good alternative to swing gates. In a relatively short period of time – about 10 years from an attribute of luxury sectional doors have become a convenient object of necessity. Cloth sectional door is made up of separate sections – "sendvichpaneley with polyurethane foam filling. Closed circuit panel is made of galvanized steel sheet with a polymer coating that protects the gate from the environment and mechanical damage. The thickness of the sections in these gates are usually 45 mm, the drag coefficient of heat transfer of 1.6, which significantly exceeds the existing standards. / Lifting and lowering the gates manually or by using actuator.

Management may be carried out manually using the handles, fastened to the door leaf, as well as the rope or gear, actuated by the chain (depending on the sales package). Locking gates, non-electric, by means of a spring bolt lock or crossbar, which allows you to lock the doors, both inside and outside. Depending on the design, sectional doors can be equipped with Electric with remote control. On a signal from the control actuator pulls the top edge of the gate, and sections, bending at an angle, leaving the ceiling. Gate weight is compensated by the torsion mechanism, located over an aperture or the end of the rails on the ceiling in the garage depending on the arrangement. The design of garage doors must be used at least two torsion springs in all sizes gates. Because of this they are so balanced, that they can quickly raise or lower a girl or even a child, with weight canvas 14.7 kg/m3.

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