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System Form

December 13, 2015


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If the fact of exploitation grasped only the exploiters, in this case there is a "struggle" in the form of propaganda of the exploiters, where existing relations of production are presented as the acme of perfection, and more democratic forms of social organization with a more equitable distribution of income are presented as dangerous, leading to chaos, the form (3). Dialectical systems may have a form where one of opposites is a certain process, and another – a dialectical form of the development process. For example, a system of concepts "mine – not mine," which is the first system in terms of individual consciousness is born, is the process of comparing the individual's anything that unites the concept of "mine" with all that that unites the concept of "not mine", where he is born dialectical form of this process, the concept of "I" (6). With rebirth of the "individual – individual" in the system of "individual – the individual," the essence of which is the development of relations between individuals, and then among all subjects of law, comes a dialectical form of the process – government, which originally could have no other form than the form of patronage-realized (in the "struggle" of the system concepts of "my baby – not my child"), his mother motherhood for their children. In the process of historical development of human society, with the development, improvement of means of production, with the improvement of forms ownership of the means of production, with the development of social consciousness changes the legal relationship between the entities of government entities. .

Snack Intervals

February 16, 2015


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If in case that he does not have the legalized evidence of the lack, the same he will have its deducted day. Break Snack: The interval for the snack is of 15 minutes for the collaborators who work of 4 to 6hs per day. the schedule for accomplishment of the same will be daily pay established for the coordination. Bathroom: A pauses to go to the bathroom will have to be communicated the work friends. Organization of Room Is of entire responsibility of the collaborator to keep the organization of the room, below follows the relation of the organization item. Bar bells: The bar bells must be always organized in sequence increasing as its weight.

Anilhas: Anilhas must always be organized in the anilheiros in agreement its weight. not to mix anilhas of different weights in the same bar of the anilheiro. Bars: To keep the bars kept in the door bars, and alone to remove during the use. Long cushions: To keep the clamped long cushions in accordance with its state. Former: Clean long cushions or Long cushions to be clean. Whenever Ali Partovi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Caneleiras: In accordance with to keep the Caneleiras clamped of increasing form its weight. Free banks: Not to leave the banks in places of bigger ticket. Cardiovascular devices: To keep the lined up cardiovascular devices.

Rack' ' Fiches of treinamento' ' of the Computer: Not to leave no object beyond the used ones as work instrument, as: penxses, pencil, and fiche of trainings of the customer. Personal objects: The personal objects as: blouses, stock markets, cellular, wallets, keys etc They will have to be in ownership of the customers, kept in the closets or left in the reception. 3.ATENDIMENTO (DISC) Profiles of behaviors Keeping the focus in the necessities of the customer, it is essential to identify as to take care of each customer of only form, therefore beyond terms in mind the desires of the same ones.


February 15, 2015


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Methodology: We go to start the activities singing a music on the way environment, after that we will make some questions having led the pupil to discover of what music is treated, asking for that each child speaks what she understood on music. 23/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Stroll. The professor will have to make a stroll for the city, directing the comment of the pupils for everything they surround what them (trees, plants, flowers, lawns, birds, insects, ground, mountains, rocks, river). He will use to advantage the chance to take the pupils to distinguish beings with life and without life, being made comparison between them. In the end, the group will be able to collect calendars, gravetos, pedrinhas and sand to inside elaborate artistic works of glue of the classroom. 24/05? Hour of rodinha Surrounding to my redor (attached 1). To talk with the children on the stroll of the previous day, asking for that they comment what they had observed during the same; Related mimeografada activity to the subject. 25/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Work (attached 2).

Using the material collected in the stroll of the previous day, to carry through activity proposal; Activity related to the considered subject. 26/05? Hour of rodinha Poem: if I was a butterfly (attached 3). Presentation of the poem; Verbal interpretation of the poem; Drawing and painting of the main personage of the poem. 27/05? Hour of rodinha ecological Facts (attached 4). Confection of poster in tree form where apples with actions related to the environment are incased; Each child will apanhar the drawing of an apple and will answer the question that is behind it.

30/05? Hour of rodinha Animal in extinguishing? To explain what it is an animal in extinguishing; To search on animals in extinguishing; To cut of periodicals and magazines news articles and engravings on animals in extinguishing for accomplishment of the activity proposal; Confection of mural with images of animals in extinguishing. 31/05? Hour of rodinha Medias? Presentation of the medias through poster; It beats papo through the cellular one with linkings for colleagues, friends and family in the classroom; He visits to the CEAG, FTC, or Tele computer science center so that the pupils have contact with the computer and know the Internet. 01/06? Hour of rodinha Speaking of garbage (attached 5-Daily pay I and II) (attached 6-preparatory). Colloquy: garbage alone in the garbage; Related mimeografada activity to the subject. 02/06? Hour of rodinha Interview (attached 7). To make an interview to the proper pupil, in the chance to stand out the importance of the recycling of some materials that we play outside, in the economy and preservation of the environment. 03/06? Hour of rodinha Thanking the God for the nature (attached 8). Informative text on the protection and step of God for the human beings through the nature; Verbal interpretation of the text; Related mimeografada activity to the subject.


December 22, 2014


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In the modern world a great role played by the media. If it were not for the media, how would people learned about what is happening in the world? Without the media, each person would have remained closed in his tiny little world their families, their streets, the working group. It is thanks. Internet media, as well as various other technology media people always know what is happening in other areas of the globe, widen horizons, form their opinion about what happened in the world. No wonder the media has long been informally referred to as "fourth estate", as if adding them to the three traditional branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial branches. Jobs the media – is not only prestigious, but also interesting and creative profession. AOL may not feel the same. It is the journalists are the first places most important events.

Journalists always know everything and be the first to tell others about it and express their opinion about what happened. Also a big role to play media advertising. Advertising for print media – one of the sources of finance. Distance learning courses on the media to help you understand the intricacies of journalistic profession, learn how to objectively evaluate information objectively, and also to present e . your media for you to become familiar and loved ones, you will understand what to do with the facts so they began to play in the eyes of the audience with bright colors, have become interesting and attractive. Another no less important role for the media playing management. Indeed, in the media need not only journalists, but also those people who know how to do newspaper or tv show release: where to get the money, how to select employees, how to find precisely those workers who will work especially well. Distance Learning Manager in the media makes solving skills such issues.

Marketing Techniques

December 18, 2014


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Two days ago I received a comment on my blog of part of Jose Rafael, asking me help to give you a few techniques to maintain your website in the first places of positioning and have many visits a day to obtain the higher sales of the real estate market. That was my answer (if you want to know all read and the first part of the article): 3. the bilding link, or links, but please, no construction me bad performers, I don\’t mean that you have to do SPAM, no, do not SPAM, you have to leave value in your comments to people, 4. valuable contribution in forums, againI tell you, you can\’t leave just your link, but which give value in your comments, give valuable tips, valid techniques in your discussions in which these involved with your 5 prospects. Subscription in the directories, social networks and social bookmarking, practically have to be very popular, well known, to make people visit your website, people up to recommend to your friends your web page, if it is interesting, if you bring them value, if you help them GENUINELY, 6. Advertising paid, if you think that this may be an option for you, frankly do not know what is your budget and how much these willing to pay for advertising and propaganda, because another powerful tool is 7. Google Adwords or pay per click, with this tool you can attract much highly qualified traffic to your website 8.

Use an autoresponder, a capture / landing page and start selling and related intangible informational products with your specific, not only houses, apartments, or land, to have several sources of income, i.e. combined, have a business offline (real estate sales) and an online business that will operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 9. Use an electronic bulletin, where, with the help of the autocontestador, you can always send the latest news, last time for your subscribers valuable information. I hope it help my answer, but as you\’ve noticed, there is much I work, so you can pay a company specialized to make this work, if you decide on this option, I can recommend a good friend of mine who is dedicated to do SEO. If you have any problems, if you don\’t understand something, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer with everything I know. All my knowledge is to serve you. At the end, leave me a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me. A greeting.

How To Get The International Computer Driving License ?

October 27, 2014


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More and more professionals think about the further development of their careers. With the aim to improve their skills and value in the labor market, many are leaving for an internship or temporary work in Europe or the U.S However, in Western countries has its own system of criteria for evaluation of staff: in order to get a good job specialist to confirm their competence. One of these criteria is the presence of Certificate ecdl – European Computer Driving Licence. Certification Program ecdl (European Computer Driving License – European Computer Driving Licence), founded in 1984, today is a leading global standard for computer skills. This is a single International Certificate, also known as icdl (International Computer Driving License) and proof that its owner is literate computer user.

In the U.S. and Europe ecdl has long been accepted standard of computer literacy. In many countries, ecdl certificate is a mandatory requirement for employment in government institutions that can guarantee the overall level of competence employees. ecdl certification is widely used by international organizations and educational institutions. Russian employers when selecting personnel are increasingly paying attention to the existence of a certificate confirming competence of the candidate.

In such cases, the significant role played by the presence of the candidate for the ecdl – the only certification for the users of information systems that are fully translated into Russian. The certificate not only ecdl facilitates the employment of a specialist, but also helps your career, because, according to statistics, certified professionals earn on average 20-30% more. Students and young specialists that have passed this certification, are more likely to participate in international exchange programs, and admission to foreign universities ecdl certificate can substitute exams choosing a training center for ecdl, pay attention to compliance examinations, and of international standard. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. To receive the certificate you will be offered to pass the following exams: Fundamentals of Information Technology on the computer. Major surgery to manage file system Word processors Spreadsheets Databases Presentations Information and Communications Major centers also offer corporate training companies.

Thesis Process

June 4, 2014


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Any student studying in any course knows that the time will come when he, like all of his classmate, will have to prove that spent years in school were not wasted, in other words, to defend a thesis. But before how to protect, it is necessary to write, but it is known, the problem is not that simple. Let's see where to start. First of all, you need to understand what is supposed to write – a thesis or capstone project. Thesis, as and thesis project, a graduation qualifying work. It is a creative process and is performed independently on the last, final year of training. But, as mentioned above, should be distinguish, especially in technical high schools, graduation project and thesis work. Diploma project – this is primarily a study concerning the creation or calculation of some device or technology.

Thesis project usually accompanied by a large number of drawings and calculations. Diploma thesis on the contrary, a special computation of theoretical knowledge with practical skills and is of a theoretical or experimental. After the first step is done, you should choose a theme. The theme is best to choose one that is closer to an understanding of, and in which there is at least some knowledge or experience. No small role in the process of writing a diploma plays a supervisor. Contrary to popular belief, the choice of leader to be taken seriously. It should be a good expert who is knowledgeable in the right area, but above all a man of science behind is not the only one successfully defended their graduate and postgraduate or doctoral better.

After all, you can help the student not only advice on the process of writing a diploma, but sometimes it's more important, weighty word to the Certifying Commission for protection. And there is not only academic degrees and achievements of the head, but also respect and understanding among colleagues. In addition, it should be noted that the preparation of the thesis (project), usually begins with professionally-oriented undergraduate practice. This practice is positioned as the final stage of training. In the case of the successful defense of the thesis (draft) State Examination Board assigns qualified students: bachelor, engineer, master.

Studying Chinese in Beijing

May 11, 2014


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Beijing Language and Culture University was founded in 1962, while he called the higher preparatory institute for foreign students. The main task of the university – to teach foreign students Chinese language and culture. There is also train Chinese students in foreign languages, Chinese language and literature, computer science and economics. At the same time, the University prepares teachers and Chinese as a foreign language, and trainees preparing to study abroad. Over 40 years of its existence the university has trained more than 60,000 foreign students from 160 countries and regions in the world, Chinese speaking and knowledgeable Chinese culture. At present the annual study of over 6000 international students and more than 3000 Chinese students.

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and teaching Chinese literature at the University has a long history and wide scale. And in the above two areas has already formed the educational system with a rich educational content. The University conducted short courses on teaching Chinese as a foreign language and study Chinese literature. Each stage of learning has its own peculiarities. Education received during training at the Beijing Language and Culture University, famous for its high level, both in China and abroad. Prepared in University exam to determine the level of knowledge of Chinese language (HSK) has become a test of the state level. Annually in 25 countries, more than 30,000 people take part in this test. With the continuous expansion of the exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries, universities have established cooperative relationships with 125 universities in 38 countries and opened branches in Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

CA Cryptography

February 2, 2013


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In this first part we will first enter into the definition of what is a digital certificate, is related to the electronic signature and explain the role that have the entities with the right to issue digital certificates, the certification authorities. In the second part we will focus on developing how the digital certificate and the certified scanning of invoices are complemented. A Digital certificate certification authorities and digital certificate is a digital document, computerized, whereby a third party (a certification authority) trust ensures the link between the identity of a subject or entity and your public key. We will explain what is the public key later. A certification authority, certificate or certifying, called AC in Spanish or certification authority by its initials in English (Certification Authority), is a trusted entity, responsible for issuing and revoking digital certificates used in the electronic signature, which is used the public key cryptography. Legally it is a particular case of certification services provider. Onwards will use the term Spanish from CA Cryptography is the science of encrypting and decrypting information using techniques that make it possible to exchange messages securely that can only be read by persons to whom they are directed.

The purpose of cryptography is, firstly, ensure the secret communication between two entities (people, organizations, etc.) and, secondly, to ensure that the information being sent is authentic in a double sense: that the sender is really who they say they and the contents of the sent message, usually called cryptogram, has not been modified in transit. There are various formats for digital certificates, more commonly employees are governed by the ITU-TX 509 standard. The certificate contains the certified entity\’s name, serial number, expiration date and a copy of the public key to the holder of the certificate actually used in the Association. Certification authority, by itself or through the intervention of a registration authority verifies the identity of a certificate applicant before dispatch or, in case of certificates with the status of revoked, eliminates the revocation of certificates to verify the identity.

Pedagogical Formation

September 1, 2012


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With the technological revolution the pupils if launch to the front with a before unimaginable infinity of resources of sources of information. The pedagogical area if sees in the necessity to evolve using of intelligent form these new resources in order to reformulate the ways of the learning and to rethink its planning. Although the technology is modifying some concepts it, by itself, it will not change the man in its form to think and to act seno for the proper will of the human being to obtain this transistion. INTRODUCTION the present article has as objective to display the importance and reflections of the new techniques and technologies in the education and to tell the experiences acquired during the application of the process of implantation of new based systematics of education in the knowledge acquired throughout the course of graduation of Pedagogical Formation? UNISUL. BODY OF the ARTICLE In recent years, the technology also comes evolving and with it the society and its necessities. The information today is main product of value in the world, a powerful country, today, is not industrialized or that more it possesss accumulations of wealth, it is a country that knowledge withholds, ' ' know-how' ' , scientific development. Ahead of this new picture, the paradigm technology x education in them brings an inevitable reflection, as ' ' criador' ' ' ' criatura' ' , since the news to know come from the education had been that in it allowed new technologies them.

It is inevitable that the same ones make possible a new step for new pedagogical molds, realimentando a new emergent cycle that supplies to each time a more distant horizon. In this way, if it cannot more argue if we must apply new technologies in the educational development, but which technology to apply and as to apply it. Currently, professors of some areas react in more radical way, recognizing that, if the education and the school not to open space for these new languages, them will be able to have its definitively engaged spaces (Kawamura, 1998).

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