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Amazon Energy

July 2, 2015


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The Economist magazine dated of 21/01/2.011 (1) published in its intitled substance Electricity in Brazil? hungry will be to only power, that the apago occurred in the month of February of the chain reached nothing than eight States northeast less of the Brazilian territory and that was followed, passed some days, for one another one ' ' energy interruption temporria' ' (2), occured in the State of So Paulo, greater metropolis of the Latin America, made that it to suffer of same the enormous problems that a situation of this transport unchains. As specialists of the energy sector the country passed decades of growth of consumption of energy folloied of low investment, culminating with the famous apages of 2.001 and 2.002. By these reasons the analysis of the data that involve the production of electric energy in Brazil must be considered urgently, has seen, also, the situation of precariousness continued in the sector; it is emphasized, – the country suffered 91 apages in the year from 2.010, almost the double of the registered one in biennium 2.008/2.009. These singelas consideraes search, sucintamente, repulse to question it of the society for the use of forms of alternative energies, that, decentralized geographically for the domestic territory could develop the production of existing electric energy in object Present-day Brazil, almost that exclusively of the generation proceeding from the hydroelectric plants installed in the Amazon region and whose production to arrive at the Southeast and South of the country needs long difficult lines of transmission-distribution to be kept for diverse factors (geographic, financial, etc.). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. However, it is in this direction of alternatividade that Brazil cannot lose the technological step, continuing with a mentality of discredit in the future of the nuclear production as solution .(3) the conventional way of national production, essentially happened of thermoelectrial plants, beyond very expensive: – cost two teros more than in the United States and the Institute of Pesquisas Econmicas Aplicadas (IPEA) foresee that price in Brazil still increases more in elapsing of this year? more it is not supported: – polui more, devasta more e, finally, generate more institucional unreliability, in contrast of what it can seem, that the energy produced for the nuclear central offices.

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