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Auxiliary Equipment

November 16, 2014


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helfen.de offers free a nationwide guide for people in need with helfen.de (www.helfen.de) starts from immediately a network, which support and supported charities. GGmbH all nationwide non-profit clubs and organizations, and foundations, and religious and public bodies can register free of charge. The thus emerging network serves seeking help to get an overview of social services locally. The gap between rich and poor is widening further in Germany. The people depend increasingly on support, but there is no comprehensive guide about the services in the city or the region. Through the free network helfen.de should it be possible to find uncomplicated and direct charitable organizations. helfen.de is a current and active platform of each entry editorially is checked before it is published.

Thus, we achieve the maximum benefit for the user. The categories on the site are complex, in addition to areas such as the supply of basic needs (dress issues, boards, etc), you will find non-profit helplines and facilities for all areas of daily life, such as for example mother-child facilities, HatziV consulting, drug counseling, protection of victims, etc. In addition, areas such as animal welfare, environmental protection, civil protection, etc. As of August 2008, all search functions can be used by helfen.de while the network about it, keeps getting bigger. The site is not ad-supported and free of charge for those as well as aid agencies. The notified bodies to formulate from autumn 2008 for their projects also a call for donations. The donation will be forwarded to 100% of the facilities (for this purpose, we will publish a communication shortly). helfen.de has made much but we believe through continuous development, dynamic growth and important, meaningful information to achieve this goal. Now free of charge Torge Barkholtz register on

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