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Battery Light

December 18, 2018


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However, the bane of all the plates – is difficult to position the sensor so that it can be properly used in .Itak both, see what shines in the night, namely: what lights are on the notebook chassis. Let's start with the front face – shine slider supply (white) and the slider to turn off wireless interfaces (dark blue, when they are included, the red – when turned off). These indicators are difficult to see, we must look under noutbuk. indicator pad next to the button to turn it off (white when turned on, the red – if turned off). In the upper left corner illuminated buttons control the sound (when the sound is off, the middle button glows red).

Directly above them on the cover are working indicators: power on your notebook, the battery (it works is illogical: if the battery fully charged, it is not lit, if you go to battery power, it also is not lit, meaning the user does not see that now runs on battery power indicator lights up only when charging the battery) and the indicator the hard disk. Here, just below the screen, its position is optimal control of drive – a real pleasure. Also, white light lit three keys tablet. Finally, always when the laptop is connected to the network around plug glows milky-white light ring. I would not say that the lights are bright, you have a laptop does not light the whole room (as happened with some models). In the darkness, the light indicators are not distracting and does not cut glaza. talk about keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft Windows

April 16, 2018


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Most often, the name server includes the name of its main features: a file server, print server, mail server, news server; Web-server; database server; fax server, etc. Servers also can classified according to the signs indicating the nature of its use: dedicated server, a listen server. Dedicated server on the lan intended solely to provide its resources in general use, and not to work directly on it, so it can properly function without a monitor and keyboard. He usually has a high capacity and reliability of equipment, as well as the software used software. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore. The operating system is a dedicated server most commonly used: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server; Microsoft Windows 2003 Server; Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and other varieties of Unix; Novell NetWare; listen server combines the functions of server and workstation. In other words, a workstation, some of the resources which are dedicated to sharing them over the network. On the workstation (no dedicated server) operating system may be, for example: Microsoft Windows 98/ME; Microsoft Windows xp Professional; Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation; Linux. In peer lan computers are integrated into working groups (Workgroups), where they function as a workstation or a listen server, providing a portion of their resources for use by its working group. Peer network easier to administer, but do not provide a high degree of data protection. Local network with a dedicated server, in contrast, have increased reliability and security of information stored on the server.

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