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Olaf Eybe Essentials

April 20, 2018


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Eybe + Eybe emphasizes strengths in text and photo area of the Essen-based communication agency Eybe + Eybe according to their website now also their agency presentation fundamentally revised. The new short idea throws light on Agency highlights in the fields of text and photography. Embedded in large-format photos by Olaf Eybe Essentials is summarized in short text blocks to the areas of our work the Agency headquartered in Essen – uberruhr. It was time for a new agency presentation that reflects the changes of our total presence\”, stressed Susanne Eybe. The new presentation brings our strengths in the text area on the point and shows at the same time large-format photographs selected landmarks that we are anchored in the Ruhr area\”, Olaf Eybe brings together. The target group-specific adjustable presentation was created by graduate designer Jurgen Kahlert, with the Eybe + Eybe since the Agency successfully working together. Curious about more? After a short table of contents and an idea of the owner, of the team and the way the work priorities of the Agency are illuminated.

We have put out a four-pronged Public Relations, speeches, graphic design and photography. Of course we can far more, but the reduction to the essentials the hurried Viewer makes it easier to identify the most important at first sight\”, is Olaf Eybe sure. The presentation should arouse curiosity and invite to visit the Agency\’s website under then be the functioning as well as the work priorities of the Eybe + Eybe explains in detail. But it is still better to contact us directly\”, so Susanne Eybe. The working examples from different areas are surely helpful for anyone who is interested. Here it is right and the featured projects underline the versatility of the communication agency on the one hand and on the other hand, they illustrate that the small agency serves customers who are also known for successful communication performances beyond the borders of the Ruhr area.

Caller Information

April 30, 2017


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If necessary, call-center operator may connect the caller directly to the employee of the customer. As is the case with an incoming call when the project work associated with the outgoing direction of the call-center operator on the monitor screen displays a list of questions with possible answers or a field for entering information of the respondent. The head of a call-center platform has not less assistance. In fact, he helps supervise the execution of orders. After receiving a command from the supervisor, the system begins to produce jobs and distribute calls to certain operators in a call-center in accordance with earlier generated script. One of the most important features of the software for call-centers is to perform routine work on the formation of the required reports automatically.

Report on the call-center needed for internal use and to provide results directly to the customer. Moreover, depending on the functionality of the system is able to provide certain services to the client call-center. We should also dwell on the rather acute problem related to the quality of its customer base call-center. As a rule, commonly referred to as such, the base database for outgoing calls. By sutiklientskaya base call-center is an array of data consisting of company name, industry, phone numbers, contact persons and other attributes. Accordingly, when using the services outsourced call-center customer in some cases independently providing information for of the project, or a base generates a call-center itself on certain parameters.

Due to the accumulated information call-center can generate a better sample in the processing of which may already be predict a certain percentage of a positive result. Such an opportunity provides a clear advantage for call-center and the customer. And it gives answers to frequently asked customer questions about the effectiveness ongoing project. Moreover, the outsourced call-center can be more flexible not only in pricing but also the very principle of pricing their services. For certain orders of the outsourced call-center can go on the principle of receive a certain percentage of the sale, rather than the actual time of payment of call-center operators. Efficient automation of call-center outsourcing is one of the main methods of ensuring high quality work and service. In drawing up the plans for the introduction and use of specialized software solutions for call-center is worth remembering that the most important thing is to achieve a high quality service. Therefore, the basic rate should be on the implementation of specialized solutions for the call-center management processes of service delivery. Such a system together with the accumulated information, it can become a major competitive advantage in the market of outsourcing call-centers.

Marketing Strategies

November 4, 2014


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Every beginning of marketing requires a strategy every newcomer to Internet marketing failure on the fact that he is not the beginning with which he can go into the business. The concept of do not know the error but the training courses that require a certain level of prior knowledge that a newbie not sure has! The marketing strategies are provided free of charge every newbie! Probably just a dream is to grasp the most attempts in the Internet marketing of foot and to create a future for the most newcomers in the industry. In the early days, they believe even the lofty promises of different networks and info products. Claims like \”Empire be without selling\” and \’10,000 euros in 24 hours\’ driving the anger or the blush of shame in the face of a serious Internet marketer. While most of the proposed projects work (if not in the promised winnings…) but out of our own experience, I know that most of the ideas and marketing strategies are good and it is not the advertised products and strategies, but rather to the new Internet marketers find just no beginning in their marketing strategy! In the following articles I will specifically go strategies on various marketing and step by step tell all interested newcomers like man what, when and where to do so that there is a noticeable success in marketing! Because I myself detest any kind of multi level marketing and look at as \”Fraud\”, I refer to my marketing strategies only reputable affiliate networks in which the marketer gets all needed tools and links for free. All marketing describes the new Internet marketers strategies from the first step until the first successes without the use of complicated jargon. I hope that my article some prospective buyers find, which will bring up patience and perseverance needed to succeed. Good luck in the Internet Guido Toffeleit Internet marketer from Spain. Robotics is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Image Digital

December 31, 2012


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The result of the renovation of the website has exceeded the expectations of their customers. It is a very graphical website, where it leaves protagonism to spacious and colorful photographs, offering information from their premises, different menus that offer their customers and even the Creperie staff. In addition to the renewal of your digital image, expand news as the possibility of organizing events and celebrations at the Creperie, become a fan on Facebook and even a virtual view at one of his local with a single click. In the new web page leaves a section only to its franchisees and potential new franchisees, offering extensive information on the necessary requirements to be able to continue with the expansion of the brand and a brief description of the trajectory of the brand to become a recognised brand. Information about the company: since 1996, the year in which the first accommodation opened La Boheme has had as main business line service comida-crepes – salads, using the system of restaurant, under the concept of fast food, healthy, quality and moderate prices.

And as a result, it has become one more recognized brand on the island of Tenerife, from the hand of its founder and President, Thierry Carayol, of French origin. At present, anyone who wants to own a business like this, can do so, because La Boheme has opened its doors to the world of franchising. In addition, the Ensign offers a training program for the very complete franchisee, with a theoretical part and a practical one, allowing you to learn everything you need to start the business, relying on the assistance and support continued by the franchisor. MORE information: 902-875-479 Orientanegocio.

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