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Vienna Treaty

June 28, 2020


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Two years more United States afternoons it formalizes his possession of the territory in the south-east of Cuba with the perpetual concession that the first Cuban president, Estrada Takings Palm, them it grants. This treaty Cuban-American established the total control and its jurisdiction of EE.UU on the bay of Guantnamo. An agreement that the Cubans signed with the condition of which their renters recognized in paper that the Republic of Cuba maintained the sovereignty of the territory. However, actually, the Cuban government does not have interference on the enclave. In addition, this agreement was renewed during the regime of Fulgencio Batiste in 1934 and included a clause in which it remembered that to dissolve this treaty it was required of the company/signature of both parts.

Since then, EE.UU send a check of thousands of dollars by the payment of the rent of the bay and that until day of today has an annual rent of US$ 4.085. The arrival of I castrate With the Cuban Revolution, in 1959, the relations between the island and its powerful neighbor were broken. Since then Fidel Castro and now their brother Raul, has refused to receive the check. Years ago, Fidel Castro showed a television channel the drawer of its full old check office to receive. The rent has been received once, at the beginning of the revolution, and only was, according to Fidel Castro, product of the general confusion and the chaos that was at that time. Of course, a fact that always Fidel will remember, because it made use of that money in that opportunity. After the triumph of the revolution, Cuba it has insisted that treaty Cuban-American is a violation of article 52 of the Treaty Law of the Convention of Vienna of 1969, which it establishes that a treaty is null if its approval were made under threats or the use of force.

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