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Executive Board

September 23, 2018


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With assistance from Holger of great, the beauty school GmbH & co. KG certification has passed. In January 2011, the PIVOT POINT beauty school GmbH & co. KG was the target of an internationally recognized certification of the company quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / AZWV one step closer. The way to the successful certification is paved with the completion of the Erstaudits.

Contributed to this success provides the QM consultant Holger of great helping with his QM consulting company specializes in the DIN EN ISO 9001 / AZWV standard to transpose. In the Internet, Holger of great is to find on qm-guru.de. To the implementation of the DIN EN ISO 9001 / AZWV norm is first irrelevant to what company is it. All companies from all industries in a position to align their business structure to a process-oriented quality management system are in principle. While certain principles implemented, taking into account all company stakeholders. A special meaning play role of customer orientation and the ability to new To realize the needs of the market. The documentation of business processes and the constant analysis are the basis for a successful future, in which the entrepreneurial potential is recognized and used. The penetration of the entire operation with the planning and design principles, which are transferred from the principles of quality management is important for this approach.

The management has a key role in this respect. The economic importance of the certificate according to the ISO 9001 / AZWV consists standard by TAW CERT, TuV and other certifiers in the independent assessment of the quality management, which reveals the ways in which products and services are adapted to a quality standard. The ISO 9001 / AZWV standard is internationally known and respected. So it can happen, that it opens doors for cooperation or even as a precondition for cooperation with other companies is expected. The implementation of a quality management system is a complex process, the by a QM consultant is accompanied. Qm-guru.de-QM consulting is planning with the company standard the project to implement the guidelines of ISO 9001 / AZWV. This creates a lean documentation, which by means of quality manual standard complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 / AZWV briefly and concisely open all required operations. The building, as well as the continuation of a quality management system affect not only the Executive Board. For this reason, in addition to the use of external consultants also staff training carried out or organised by the QM consultants. Introduction throughout the process up to the certification, the is the professional, objective Advisor who is available with help and advice. With the company PIVOT POINT beauty school GmbH & co. KG, made it another project up to the certification and will now benefit from the covered company concept.

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