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Russel Lowell

March 26, 2020


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Facing the Obstacles Of the Life. In the Bible the history of Davi and Golias exists. Davi, a small shepherd, faced the warlike greater (obstacle) of its time? Golias? a giant whose presence frightened the army of Israel all. Nobody dared to face it, from fear of that this meant the death. All said: ' ' Golias is so great that I cannot win it! ' '. Davi said: ' ' Golias is so great that I cannot leave of acert-lo' '.

This means to say that we must face the obstacles of the life as ' ' desafios' ' e, not as ' ' problemas' '. If you see the obstacles – that they appear in its life – as problems, you will diminish ahead of them becoming impotent. But, if you to face them as challenges, will grow ahead of them; after all, you were defied and will make everything to win it. James Russel Lowell, said: ' ' Misfortunes are as knives, that serve in them or they cut in them, catch as them for the handle or lmina' '. – This financial misfortune not in it will cut, for the opposite, it will serve us for matureness and experience of life. The moment is of ' ' recuar' ' , but, this does not mean cowardice so little and nor defeat. To withdraw is a war strategy that takes in them to reorganize, to trace new plans and to take new attitudes for the combat. Let us fortify our hands, let us have patience, therefore, between the sowing and the harvest exists a space of necessary and indispensable time of maturation, cares and services.

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