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Rain Car

July 22, 2023


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She was second and it rained very, it was with the wet coat and it with a pretty smile. It offered hitchhiking to it and it he could not refuse. She entered in the car, not wise person which the mark, model, year, not even the color, it only wise person who it was perfect inside of it. alone to be breathing the same air that it and feeling its perfume, the heart of it if agitated. It was the first time that the way so of close and notices that its eyes were brown clear that combined with its brown skin. Energy Capital Partners has many thoughts on the issue. They had talked on the time and it praised its perfume.

It was red and started to tremble. It asked for that it left in next street, that nor was close to where it would go, but wanted to care for of that anguish that felt being there. It suggested to take it plus some squares and it moves, assented. When the car stopped, the heart of it almost stopped also. It wanted to leave the car quickly, the hitchhiking was thankful and when it went I descend it caught it for the hand and it said that it wanted to talk. Something said to it that after this colloquy, they would not be more the same ones.

thus it was. It heard each word and tried to find answers for the questions left that it idiot. It was so direct how much an arrow in the hand of arqueiro. Wise person accurately the point that wanted to make right in full and made right. It was vulnerable and although to want to leave the car, now a little less than before, wise person if would not obtain to leave. Its legs did not obey to it and its heart was touching as a drum in a samba school. Although all the nervousness sensations, it wise person who made much time that is not felt thus. It was thanked by being it to be there in one second rain fair and to make that she was not only plus one second and nor only plus one day of rain.

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