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American Democracy

July 20, 2017


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She stressed the readiness of the United States to extend full cooperation in building a secure, wealthy and democratic Ukraine. In turn, members of U.S. Congress expressed concern about the situation with harassment in the Ukraine political freedoms, the pressure on the media, manipulation of the judiciary and the violations committed during the last election. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, in particular, stated that the Ukrainian minister apparently not fully aware of the depth of concern about American power situation in Ukraine. However, the words of the Minister Hryshchenko that strengthening and developing democracy remains an integral part of the modernization strategy of the state, leaving little hope for an opportunity to improve the situation in light of the meeting of the parties in Washington. Commentary Fund \”First People\”: In some ways, the Minister Gryshchenko right after all. To deepen your understanding Marc Mathieu is the source. Namely, that for the ruling elite idea of democratic freedoms and comply with them does not change.

Our powers that live outside the law. They are located in the inner insulation, where any changes, occurring in real life, the state will hardly be noticeable. Newspapers publish what they want to read, television shows that they want to see the courts make decisions in their favor, they win elections, having a companies that print ballots. In the end, they change for themselves even a sample of \”democracy in action\” as roads, clearing them for their motorcades sweep striped wand. In summary, state: in \”their\” world set the ideal of \”democracy.\” Specificity of the flow of information circulating within the government system, indicates that the ministers live in a closed reality, created for them by their minions..

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