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Printer Color

April 27, 2022


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A color printer is a peripheral computer that allows you to print in colour digital documents, such as text, graphics, and photographs, on physical media, normally paper or transparencies. There are basically two types of color, ink jet printer, which used ink cartridges and are the most popular at the domestic level and laser, which use toner and are widely used in professional environments. Types there are two types of printer color according to the technology used: printer inkjet color: printed by spraying ink on the paper through the nozzles on the head. There are models with four ink cartridges (one for each color), with two (one for black and one for the colors) and with a single cartridge. They are suitable for domestic use, to perform few impressions a month of high quality.

Color laser printer: a laser electrically engrave the image of the page in the drum, toner pigments, this capture to finally transfer the ink to the paper. A leading source for info: BDT Capital Partners. They are suitable for offices with many impressions per month, with high quality and at high speed. Features see some important features in a color printer: color system: normally the color printer uses CMYK process, although there are models with six colors or more for printing pictures. Color and mono: agrees that the color printer supports mode color or mono in order to optimize the consumption of ink. It is also important that you continue printing although some color is exhausted, at least with a basic configuration monocolor. Print quality: is specified in the resolution, which is expressed in DPI (dots per inch).

Higher resolution DPI more crisp and detailed will be printing, but also influenced by other factors such as ink and paper. The print quality of the injection is very high, but the laser outweigh them.Some printers offer several print qualities to save ink, usually draft, normal and high resolution. Speed: the speed of printing is very important in a printer color. It is expressed in ppm (pages per minute) and the laser clearly outperform the injection. Connectivity: the standard connection is USB port, and if you have Ethernet or wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network connection. Photo printer: models specifically designed for printing photographs reach a comparable to a photo lab quality. Direct printing: many printers support direct printing (such as PictBridge) protocols and printed directly from digital cameras, mobile phones, memory cards or USB sticks, without making changes directly to the PC. Cost: in a color printer we should assess the cost per printed page taking into account the purchase price, consumables and its duration. The laser have a top to the injection purchase price, but the cost per printed page is lower. Printer dedicated vs all-in-one: for many home users or small offices, it may be more appropriate to acquire a printer colour multifunction to a dedicated printer, already that saves lots of space and are more economical.

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