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The Bakery

April 26, 2015


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We believed our protective angel. The dogmas, teachings and concepts of the church catholic predominated at that time. Little questioned such concepts. When our parents or uncles did not want that we made something, then were remembered that we had to obey the people oldest and that we would not have leaving to take in them for the influences of the devil, not to be its perpetual friends, burning in the perpetual fire. We heard to say, time for another one, that somebody vendera the soul. Strange thing We also grow under this influence, committing all the rightnesss and errors of the previous generations to ours and of the current one. We came across yes, with the deriving problems of drogras, the violence, the desregrado sex etc. But it seems that something was different.

We do not tinhamos necessity to have cellular device with 8 years of age, in them we more easily contented with the few toys and clothes that we possessed and we were happy very when our parents, involved with the fight of the daily survival, in gave a little to them of attention, mainly in the week ends, when they took in them to take a walk, exactly that this stroll was a simple ice cream in the bakery of the esquina. many times was one only same one. We went walking for school! We made the together meals, in family. The mother normally prepared plates. We seated to the table and we ate what it had for that day, without complaining very of what it was available at that moment to be consumed. Cooling, only in the week ends. They were the bottles so great family that they served a cup for each integrant one of the table. Many things were not necessary stop in feeling them happy. Ah, when the things were not made in agreement would like, we were not ' ' revoltadinhos' ' , nor neither traumatizados! Situation this, sumarizada above, sufficiently different of the current days, mainly for those children whom the privilege has to more belong to the classrooms a little supplied.

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