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Yandex Rambler

November 11, 2011


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The story you'll ever need could arise quite different if a those early 90th Rambler leadership agreed to the proposal of Arcadia Volozh (CEO of Yandex) to sell his team then created a young search technology for $ 15 000. In parallel with the search begins to develop its commercial component – advertising. In March 1998 Yandex contextual banner appears first. A little later, to join Yandex Rambler, who began to sell advertising in their search. However, first it was just banners, text is contextual advertising will appear only after four years. Against the background of the investment boom appears promising direction awareness. At the newly-formed market players loom in 2001 – created Yandex, which offers advertising on Yandex.

Begun in 2002 appears. In the West the same in 2002 Google introduced its advertising program AdWords, and the Russian market of the Internet giant appeared in 2005, it was then domestic publishers are familiar with Google AdSense, and a year later and Google AdWords. In 2005, Rambler perfectly logical desire to join the contextual advertising, but to reinvent the wheel's oldest search engine did not, and did so with the help of stock Runner. Its share of search advertising pie was trying to get everyone. Competition between search engines to turn around not only the search market. Thus began the era of contextual advertising. Feudal fragmentation: the principality Google grows stronger on the specifics of the Russian Internet and a lot of talking in some detail, so, historically, domestic players are not allowed foreigners to snatch the palm on the market search and contextual advertising.

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