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Tips For Secure Passwords

November 27, 2017


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When I read the article that was published last week on a list of stolen passwords, frankly downplayed. After a few days, again the same story repeated with gmail and yahoo accounts. For those who work 95% via internet, and does not apply only to telework or virtual assistance but also those who have taken to the as a means essential aid payments, exchange, socialization, or query, we all take the necessary precautions so that nothing surprise us, updating antivirus, filtering and spam senders, in consultation before if our contacts we have sent the file via chat, among other things … I think we\’ve learned! However, we are not exempt from the unexpected happens. Well, at home, office or in your neighborhood, you always take your precautions when own safety and that of our loved ones.

Then, in a matter of computer security in addition to antivirus, secure pages, etc.., Do you stop to check how safe are your passwords? Having a strong password is essential to safeguard our security and privacy on the web, if you want yours to quickly confirm what you can do from here. As a virtual assistant and am concerned that women, to seek information on the website and assemble the top ten tips to always consider when choosing \”your virtual key word.\” 1 – Under no circumstances must enter credit card information, bank accounts and alias accounts or passwords, requested by email. This method does not use any service provider. 2 – When creating a new password is good advice to be alphanumeric (containing letters and numbers), at least one of the letters may be capitalized, and if you want to increase their security a little can make use of some symbol on it (a * for example)..

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