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National System

December 16, 2012


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But so that this occurs she will be necessary all a structure as it places Volpi well (2006, p.42). The application of partner-educative measures cannot happen isolated of the social context, economic politician and where the adolescent is involved. Before everything she is necessary that the State organizes public politics to assure, with absolute priority, the infanto-youthful rights. Only with the rights the familiar and communitarian convivncia, the health, the education, the culture, sport and leisure, and excessively right universalizados, will be possible to diminish significantly it practises of infracionais acts committed by adolescent. In accordance with the National System of Attendance Socioeducativo – SINASE, ' ' practical the social ones must offer real conditions, by means of programmatical actions and activities the active and qualitative participation of the family in the socioeducativo process, making possible the reinforcement of the bonds and the inclusion of the adolescents in the familiar and communitarian environment. The actions and activities must be programmed from the familiar and communitarian reality of the adolescents so that in set? familiar program of attendance, adolescents and? they can find answers and approach solutions of its real necessities. In this direction, the application of the partner-educative measures does not have to only abide for the circumstances and the gravity of the infracional act, but, also the personal conditions of the adolescent, its familiar, social references and its personality, as well as its capacity to fulfill the measure imposed.

2,1 Partner-educative measures: application and eficciA warning the first one measured educative partner is elencada in article 115 of the ECA, which makes use that: ' ' it will consist of verbal admonition, that will be reduced the term and assinada' '. Volpi (1997) presents that: The warning constitutes admoestatria, informative and formative and immediate a measure, being executed for the judge of infancy and youth. The manifest coercion in its intimidatrio character, having to involve the responsible ones in a ritualstico procedure.

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