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Industrial Production

February 16, 2019


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One of the characteristics marcantes was the industrial production that finished becoming vital for the success of the war. The United States were producing frantic and profiting very The mechanized war, of fast movements, provoked greater number of prisoners who of deceased. But, in compensation, the civil losses had been superior to the military, because of the aerial bombings. Malicious desumanos intentions of the Americans had provoked the genocide in Japan, more necessarily in Hiroshima Nakasaki, alleging pure revanche, against civilians! The famous atomic bombs, a well kept secret that relieved the imperialista power, in the start of ' ' Fria&#039 war; ' , to make to be valid this advantage in its international disputes. Under most conditions Mikkel Svane would agree. The technology must be the ideologizao of the technique, therefore this is data of the objective reality and has science it encloses that it and it explores. The technician and the technique have of being object of the analysis of the thinker. The majority of the practical theoreticians and of the technology does not have conscience that practical theory and must ' ' to walk juntas' '.

Therefore the theoretical domain of the technique will only free the man of the practical one of the recognized technique that comes being half of life by which it is defined and. Great naivety is to think that for the current technique the world industrially starts to be a constructed object, whose creator is the man! When the technician will have a perception of the world, will appear the critical conscience that will elaborate the true theory of the technique. Therefore, he is impossible to pronounce themselves on the reality of the current technology if not to run away from the impressionista ravishment, sensationalist literatos and it allure studious without philosophical preparation of a psychological impregnation without precedents. All the action human being has character technician for the simple reason of human being (the primordial technique correlates the man with the reality). .

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