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Natural Stone

June 11, 2023


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From the arch of life since ancient times, people gravitated to the rock. No wooden and earthen buildings were not as reliable in tough times at the dawn of mankind, as the stone cave. The entrances to them were never properly forms, but some circularity in time they acquired, particularly in its upper part. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David S. Levine has to say. Perfected gradually improved and his people home, moving to the architecture in different directions, but if it was not a military fortifications, the trend was always the same: to smooth out lines and angles, at least in part, at least at the entrance. Nonrectilinear floor wall openings – arch – for centuries occupied an important place in architecture.

Aqueducts, bridges, an amphitheater and other buildings of the ancient Romans were filled with arches, and in medieval Europe only the poor were content with straight wooden architrave, and those who could afford, certainly lecturing stone semi-circles on top of windows and doors. Large variety of arch: gothic arches are inherent, Romanesque buildings – semicircular, for the Orthodox churches are more typical keeled, and so on. There are also so-called blind arches – that is, without a pass, laid down by anything. Almost any style of architecture focuses on a particular type of arch, regardless of whether the arch is decorated with intricate or performed in the style of an ascetic minimalizma.Izgib as a synonym of comfort in residential premises, and in the design of exterior arch – far nechuzhdy element, although these days it is used almost exclusively for decorative purposes. K example, by means of the arch can be visually divided into a long corridor to the sector without recourse to such a categorical things like a door. The arched doorway to help remove formal and sharpness in the transition from one room to another, if to add comfort and hospitality in the house as arch and divides the space, and simultaneously connects the parts into a whole. .


November 4, 2021


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If the external stability, it is mobile and does not crack. Also note that selecting a material for walls, should evaluate the functionality of the premises and the presence of domestic animals. Certain types of decorative plasters can be washed. And if your house a pet, be sure that the new walls were not to his teeth. Details can be found by clicking Pete Cashmore or emailing the administrator. In this case, you may, and does fit facade coating that will not necessarily be rough and can not give grace to less "Tsarapoustoychivomu." Merits and what lies behind it.

All manufacturers on the left and the right to shout about the benefits of decorative plasters over other coatings. Yes, in many respects they are right, there are a number of amendments: Does not require careful preparation of the surface – indeed, finish puttying is not required, but large defects it is better to remove that coating formed a uniform layer, without dark spots; Perfect camouflage imperfections – not always true, as for smooth surfaces must be perfectly smooth surface; Apply to virtually any surface – be aware of the effect of swelling of such foundations such as wood, drywall, fiberboard therefore not recommend using them on a water-based coatings; Forming a seamless coverage – is absolutely true, but must be applied professionally (the main focus on the consumption of material specified in the instructions), more subtle and thicker than expected, the same ugly look as a result; Easy to use – yes, if correctly chosen (see above about the facades and interiors), have excellent resistance to any mechanical influences – rightly, since the material is very durable. It is true the word "Any" is still clean – there are also effects ogogo (bomb, for example, nuclear). Oh, and there is bad news. Cover, unfortunately, can not be repaired in fragments – a patch immediately becomes visible; Withstands temperatures from -50 to +75 degrees – believe it, but should be applied at a temperature of -5 to +30; Do not support combustion, explosion and fire – of course, but coatings based on solvent at a temperature of 140 degrees, release toxic substances (well, that such situations do not happen every day); Varied the number of decorative effects and color variations – certainly compared with them can only decorative paints.

The Walls

June 9, 2020


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The remaining material parameters (Insulation, sound insulation, durability, weight, cost and installation time) are tabulated and you will find the most suitable material for you, or listen to the opinions of experts, which are Based on technical specifications for your room will give you recommendations. When installing any wall material is necessary, above all, to partition the room. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kai-Fu Lee. Set the vertical and horizontal future partitions (in the construction of partitions primary tool for determining the vertical plumb line is normal, when using the water level can be assumed sufficiently grave mistake, because its accuracy is sufficient large). Only after will be stretched cords around the perimeter of the future septum (vertical and horizontal), you are ready for immediate installation. Learn more on the subject from Kai-Fu Lee. In no case do not allow to build a wall on the 'eye' or normal level, otherwise you will get a curve partition, the alignment that you take much more effort and money than time spent in the correct layout. If you choose pazogrebnevye blocks, before their installation is necessarily flat surface at the base of most walls (a kind of foundation) is not recommended to erect the barrier height of more than 2 rows per day (otherwise, there is a displacement and subsidence of the walls).

Blocks glued together with special glue. Electrical work Electrical work starts on site from day one. It begins with the dismantling of the old wiring, removing old wiring, sockets and other devices. Laid a temporary power system object. In parallel, begins laying the wires in gofrorukave in the floor, the walls and ceiling. The choice of cable type and cross section on the basis of technical tasks, ie calculates the load distribution in groups of sockets and switches on the breaker. The wires are placed in gofrorukave on the floor along the walls or beneath them, the wires to the outlets and switches are fed perpendicular or parallel to the floor, but not diagonally.

Enamel Viscosity

January 3, 2018


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The viscosity of a liquid is determined by the time it takes to make a measured amount of fluid leaked from the vessel through a hole a certain diameter at a given temperature. As a viscometer is used, as a rule, standard glass DIN4. This vessel is placed 100 SMZ fluid, it also has an outlet 4 mm in diameter. The viscosity of the enamel was measured at a temperature of 20 C. This temperature is also an ideal temperature of the enamel surface and the ambient air during the coating process. Learn more about this with Samsung Electronics.

At higher temperatures binder resin is more liquid, so you should add a smaller amount of solvent to obtain the desired viscosity. As a result, the enamel is applied with a low solvent content, which leads to an increase coating thickness, increasing the amount of material, difficulty in hardening the enamel layer depth, and yet the drying time specified by the manufacturer applies to a normal layer. At low temperatures, the phenomenon has reversed. As the enamel becomes viscous, to achieve the desired viscosity is added too much solvent. As a result, the coating thickness decreases. The result is poor coverage, which is due to insufficient thickness has insufficient resistance to external influences, for example, impacts of small stones. Due to the high content of thinner enamel depleted.

The share of the binder, pigments reduced. There is a danger that they become visible traces of polishing, which in normal circumstances, filled with material. In addition, reduced coverage. To counteract all these phenomena, it is necessary at low temperatures use made by the supplier of enamel, the so-called \’fast\’, solvents, and at low temperatures – \’slow\’. Of course, it is recommended to use them exactly as prescribed, as the enamel after the addition of solvents under normal conditions will behave differently. Slowly evaporating funds help spreading the enamel on the surface. Add to your understanding with Pete Cashmore. However, they are slow drying and increase the likelihood of sagging. Quickly volatile diluents are bad for the process of forming a film of enamel and can lead to various defects in color. In summary, we can recommend the painter the next most effective method regulation of viscosity, temperature control storage, and enameling, and thus to control its viscosity. Enamels of different types have different viscosity. Even the enamel of the same type and the same hue, but production of different companies, there may be differences in viscosity. Therefore, across a variety of types of enamels and products – it is impossible to give a recipe for dilution, suitable for all occasions. Anyone who continues to hold rule of thumb \’to add 25% thinner enamel\’, do not be surprised to yield large differences in the quality of coatings. You should always act in strict accordance with technical guidance, especially if obtain the desired consistency, in addition to the solvent, it is necessary to add together and cure. Therefore, from malaria requires accurate knowledge of the materials used.

Heating System

December 3, 2015


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The heating system can be spread into two subspecies: The snow melting system and roof system for open spaces snowmelt difference between the heating system in the general meaning of a minor, since they use different power cables and braids, thermostats differ, only the control program, etc. The main objective remains the same. What is the snow melting system? Prevents the formation of snow and ice, the roof without icicles. Increases the service life of roofs, roads, driveways, etc. Quickly removes snow and ice from the surface on which is installed Makes unnecessary manual cleaning roofs, roads Allows easily open doors and gates in any This weather safety to you and your loved ones from falling icicles, etc. Thus, the motivation of the heating system installation are clear, as clear and its primary objective. The question remains the choice of the cable, which will be used in the heating system. Technical questions? Such as power cable, leave the professionals who will calculate your system snowmelt.

By the way, applying to our company, you get the settlement system snowmelt for free! A brief look at types of heating cable is recommended for installation by our specialists. Classify the heating cables will be on the principle of heat: Resistive These cables are cables heat is released residential heating, surrounded by insulation, screens and protective covers. They are fed with two or one end (two-conductor cable). The advantages of simple structure, high processability and relatively low cost. Installation of heating sections at the site takes little time and not difficult.

Plane section of a two-core cables and tapes provide good thermal contact with the heated surface. They allow you to heat the pipes up to several kilometers in the diet at one end. Disadvantages need to use sections of strictly defined length. Cables are often required to supply high-voltage equipment and compliance with related safety measures. The main areas of heated floors, roads, sidewalks, stadiums, sports grounds, roofing, pipes, tanks, process equipment, cold rooms, greenhouses, farm building. For use in snowmelt Angle 1, Angle 2 Teplodor. Intelligent Heat cables released in semi-conductive plastic, filling the space between two conductive wires. When the temperature increases the resistance of plastics and the heat drops, thereby creating the effect of self-regulation. The design is surrounded by electrical insulating and protective covers and screens. Fed at one end. Benefits The ability to use arbitrary (20 cm) long, cut off \”place.\” In some cases, no need to use control apparatus. Do not overheat or burnout, even when the self-intersection, as every part of the cable itself adapts to environmental conditions in heat transfer. Indispensable for use in de-icing systems, since increase heat to melt snow and water 1.5-2. Disadvantages of starting current at low ambient temperatures is essential (and a half to two times) exceeds the nominal operating current heating system that be taken into account when calculating the power supply and protective devices. The practical impossibility to provide an artificial heating, for example, for rapid heating of the room. The main areas of piping, roof. Promising for use in warm floors at lower prices in production. The only type of cable is suitable for floor heating in rooms with explosive conditions.


June 30, 2015


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Therefore, even with the exact dimensions of all openings, customer averages and window sizes, respectively, allows variation in the line of window unit opening. The owners of apartments in older buildings must be considered that the replacement of windows or openings have to be further developed, either – for precise measurements – to dismantle all the windows. The second option is most convenient for manufacturers and installers, and for customers acceptable only in uninhabited areas in the absence of frost, when close enough openings ersatz windows of several layers of polyethylene, stretched over a frame of timber. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. Finishing in these areas can continue without break. On the other hand, all of the above problem are born to make the window as large based on the size of the opening. Accordingly, the lower the importance of this task, the fewer difficulties on the road.

For any ordered version of windows will be no less old. Again, given that the window of the apartment does not differ materially from the neighborhood, in this case we are talking about variations in the 5-15cm. We should also mention the possibility of replacing the windows in the older buildings are architectural monuments. In addition to the same problem with the size of openings, for which the windows were made individually, there is one more thing – preserving the general appearance of the building. This is one of the most important challenges facing the producer. That is, in addition to its basic functions – keep warm, provide sound insulation, ventilation and other amenities, new windows should be as little as possible from different old.

Homes of different architectural styles, tend to have unusually shaped windows – arched, round, elliptical, in the form of highly elongated rectangles. They are often divided into many sections of bindings. In this case, using false-covers, to mimic the design of the ancient windows. The important point is to keep the overall color of buildings. Typically, binders are made of wood, and ranges in color from light brown to dark, almost black. Wooden euro-windows, made "antique" and painted with protective and decorative compositions, looks great on the facades of buildings and perform well in this heat and proofing functions. Summarizing all the above: In any case, an experienced producer in the person tries to take into account gager and provide all of the above features of older homes and find optimal solution. From the customer requires, as usual, a clear understanding of what size window it wants to get a view of the above opportunities and constraints.

About Liquid Wallpaper

May 27, 2014


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Nowadays it is difficult to surprise people, all bored very quickly, especially with regard to housing. Paper wall for many years covered the walls of the whole country, and I really wanted to try something radically new – liquid wallpaper. It turned out that this is just a dry mixture of cotton and any other additives. And sounds like – liquid wallpaper, but as for me with the usual wall-paper have not a bit of similarity. Reshivshi try to make repairs using liquid wallpaper I do not slowly sink into the world of the Internet. As it turned out, the choice of manufacturers of liquid wallpaper pretty big. Polish, French, Turkish wallpaper I honestly can not come at a cost of (expensive) for me. Having studied Ukrainian market, I found three manufacturers: Max Color; Bioplast; Limil.

I will not say which one is better, because I just probyval wallpaper only company Limil. In limile I immediately liked very wide range of wallpaper, as well as the not unimportant that the same variety of prices (from 35 UAH. kg. up to 140 UAH. per kg). When choosing wallpaper special attention should be paid to the texture (picture) wallpaper. Personally, I like fibrous texture, it gives the wall tissue type pokritiya with unique risunkom.Vazhno also remember that the spatula must be made of plastic, so as not to injure the fiber. Another important draft after application, if ordinary wallpaper in the draft behind and have to 'Zakuporivatsya' for a while, then it pryamopokazano liquid wallpaper.

All this and more I was told on the phone staff LIMIL.Ochen pleasure to buy from them: and delivery is free and can be arranged for a discount. Advised also take a first sample to be able to consider more options. Received in time. In general all recommend.

Structural Plasters

March 15, 2013


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"Structural inlay or a decorative structure," Today, traditional wallpaper has long been considered the only possible and the best choice of wall coverings. Today there are many alternative ways decorating the walls, no less attractive and practical, but more unique and individual. These types of wall covering is decorative plaster. This material diversity of the final result, ie variety of drawings finished walls, wallpaper, certainly not inferior. So, there are several varieties of ornamental plaster. In terms of composition and quality of the constituent elements of plaster can be natural or synthetic. Natural decorative plaster made of cement or lime.

The most striking example of such a coating is considered a traditional Venetian plaster. For the production of Venetian plaster taken to use only natural ingredients, and for all stages up to final treatment a real beeswax. In the synthetic varieties of plaster, as its name implies, there are only synthetic ingredients. But such an extreme, one hundred percent synthetic variants are rare. Much more often – mixed or combined, combining natural and artificial components. Equally you can often hear the phrase "decorative plaster" and "structural plaster", some even use them as synonyms.

But it's not entirely true, since decorative plaster and can not be structural, but structural always be decorative. Structural coverage presupposes explicit granules in its composition. In the end, the wall becomes rough, structured surface. It decorative coating, unlike many others, is suitable for both internal and external works. Apply to be on almost any surface: brick, concrete, cement, metal, wood, plasterboard. There are "Specialized" types of coverage. These include coatings for internal and external works. It is logical that the stucco facades of buildings are presented for the very special requirements, in particular – claim increased resistance to environmental influences. That is why this type of plaster made of only synthetic materials. But the plaster for interior work, ie Interiors can be as natural as and synthetic, depending on the result, which must be obtained at the end.

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