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Network Life

June 17, 2014


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People who are able to "cope" with the order, are fast, but everything here depends only on yourself, and Council will give only one: it is necessary that you have learned. Recommendation and fame – the best that will help you on this front works and, forgive me, colleagues, sometimes even your language capabilities are not always play a major role. Market-c gentlemen. Work, "varites" in this "pot", drive letters, register on specialized forums, where "their" you will not be soon, no matter what level of training had not. But in any case, as elsewhere, people trust only to professionals.

Teleworking – is its market, still requires some knowledge in some other areas than in linguistics. However, here and start the main pitfalls. In fact, instances where someone, due to geographical circumstances are far from you, may be useful your knowledge set. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them do not need your knowledge, and your money. Here we have to keep my ears open, well as fraud in the network every year is becoming more sophisticated in nature, and that is important for a cheater, difficult to prove, and not strictly punished. Then, of course, it is better to give examples from his own life or friends, and you read, look for mistakes and learn it. In fact, much of the writing below applies in other areas of network life, I only tell you that I know and saw. Who came with me on this bait, let me support – I'm laughing with you! So, my first bad experience was an attempt to strike up a long and productive relationship with one, as they introduced themselves, international advertising agencies.

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