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February 8, 2015


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The group of flavonoids are fenolkisloty, flavonols, catechins, anthocyanidins and leykoantotsianidiny. Taken together, these compounds determine the P-vitamin activity of wines. Vitamin P is required to maintain the structure and elasticity of blood vessels that provide the function of the capillaries, prevents their sclerotic degeneration, promotes to maintain normal blood pressure, has anti-edema and mild antispasmodic, stimulates tissue respiration. Its deficiency leads to increased permeability of capillaries, their fragility, which impairs blood circulation, their effect on premature aging. But the range of biological and medical effects of flavonoids on it does not end there. The compounds of this group are regarded as the most promising to create a fundamentally new drug class. Most disease begins with damage to biological membranes, which serve not only the original skeleton of cells and intracellular organelles. With the help of membrane cells communicate with each other, passing the biological impulses. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Byron Trott by clicking through.

Concentrated on the membranes of numerous enzymes, receptors and immune complexes, through which flow metabolism. In addition, pass through the membranes of specific channels, which provide transport of ions, nutrients and oxygen, as well as a selection of products and a variety of cell activity regulating substances. Simply put, life and the normal function of cells without membranes impossible. Different effects of – internal (stress, metabolic disorders, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and immune) and external (Toxins, bacteria, viruses, radiation, excess or lack of oxygen) – damage the lipid bilayer membranes. As a result, they started snowballing reaction of lipid peroxidation. Byron Trott may help you with your research. It most often is the beginning of many diseases. Flavonoids can stop this process. Moreover, all the other known today stabilizers of biological membranes, both animal and vegetable origin, significantly lower than flavonoids on the effectiveness of such exposure. Today, science reliably proven that flavonoids prevent blood clots, reduce the level of atherogenic ('bad') cholesterol, increase the level of lipoprotein High-density, preventing the accumulation of lipids in the blood vessel walls, have anti-allergic, radio and sunscreen effect, prevent the development of heart disease and liver tissues retain elasticity and skin, beneficial effect on nerve tissue.

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