September 7, 2012


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Thus also as a school is difficult to keep a library brought up to date with periodicals of other states, daily periodicals and weekly and biweekly magazines. Therefore it is that computer science enters, more especially the Internet here. In this net what it was impossible it starts to be alcanvel. With the Internet the pupils can travel and know many new features. A tecnologizada society is, before everything, a society with all its tram of social relations. The technology offers to resources and advances, but it imposes definitive norms and rules; being born new ethics in these relations.

We wait that this if does not give only in the privileged layers of the society. The NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN the START OF CENTURY XXI Between 1997 and 2001 gave to beginning to an explosion and dissemination of the new technologies of the information and communication, as the mobile telephone, the birth of the digital television, the access the Internet. Together with all these technological advances came also the sprouting of new companies in the branch of the telecommunication, thus facilitating our daily one. With the appearance of these new companies, the society alone had to earn, therefore before the decade of 90, the people were rare who had conditions to acquire a telephonic line, because the cost was high. Today we have a fan of options in telephony companies, since the product fell of price, was more easy of the population to have access. Favours this low of price, until today it has a very great search in the devices of telecommunication, mobile as in such a way fixed. The growth and the progress did not only come to companies of telecommunications, also came to the industries in general way. With the sprouting of the Internet and as the growth of the access flow the same one, the industries and companies in its some branches, had started to invest in the sprouting of the innovation and the development in the world of the communication einformao, thus facilitating the course and growth of the company in its diverse sectors.

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