May 13, 2014


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Similar to a normal coaching is a coaching? Coaching is to reflect support topics, to make decisions, to create ideas and challenge themselves. This goes into the conversation face to face or just on the phone. In terms of content, there are no differences. Where are the differences to find then? The advantages of the Telefoncoachings can show the differences well: the coach focuses more on content, rather than gestures and facial expressions. Listen through nuances of voice are perceived more precisely. Talk more open many can feel in a part of anonymous\”on the phone. The customer feels faster probably due to the missing facial expressions and gestures of the coaches. The customer can remain anonymous until the conclusion of the contract and test the trust of the coaches.

It is comfortable – geographically independent, easy quick availability, call. simpler appointment and no travel expenses. With Skype, you can see the coach and get a real-time protocol. In the Prasenzcoaching, we can see us. This is often an advantage seen and regarded as a disadvantage for the coaching. As will be noted,… lacks the holistic impression… \”.\” It is true gestures and facial expressions are not visually perceived.

This is considered by many as a loss of information. The question is, what information will be lost with that? The reactions of the two persons together are no longer visible. The customer (Coachee) no longer sees how his coach reacts to what I have said. And that is perhaps sometimes even quite good. Because actually the coach not to do so is, to evaluate the customers with his reactions. And so customers could understand this often. \”An example: the customer is on the topic of bullying\” coach. He tells how he has responded to a question from a colleague. The coach hears this and smiles something. How would you interpret this facial reaction as a customer? Perhaps dominated is the coach very well and remains very serious.

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