The Digital Age

April 26, 2022


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As Tajra (2008) is necessary that the education thinks and reconstructs knowing, remodelling concepts, values and habits, therefore without the knowledge we will have survival difficulty, since it is our current raw material. The technologies can facilitate to our life, creating a new organizacional form. The Digital Age makes to rethink on the education, innovating the work, assuming responsibilities to be efficient, transforming the education to create a work-learning. The author still tells that the educational technology is not a new term, but in old times the school already uses instruments in the process teach-learning, as the chalk, the blackboard, the retroprojetor, the video, the television, the radio, the book and the computer. For more information see HTC. But, why the biggest approach is the computer? Because the other resources are limited and the computer it presents characteristics that promote interatividade, also being able to be a great resource to facilitate the individual learning, therefore it makes what we command; beyond that all the other resources that had been cited as educational technologies can be incorporated in the proper computer. Tajra (2008), strengthens that the computer functions as an agglutinant of some existing technologies already and in relation to its system of functioning: entrance, processing and exit of information, are the only machine that make use of this system. It is impossible to follow all the technological innovations, but we have that to be convictos of that we are living a technological revolution, where we do not leave practical the traditional ones total, but we reformulate and we insert new practical, transforming the pertaining to school environment with new meanings that through the technology we will only be able to get. 3.1 The profile of the professor According to Almeida (2000), is important to introduce the computational resources in practical the educative ones with the objective to transform the process of teach-learning, disclosing new possibilities of alterations of practical pedagogical the traditional one and having an opening to the dialogue and new ideas. Please visit Koch Industries if you seek more information.

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