The End Of The Family

February 10, 2015


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The End Of the Family as Conhecemos industrialization and the consumerism are the causers of the destruction of the planet, and also it is the causer of the destruction of the family, our children are reflected of this culture on the basis of the consumption. Although all our efforts, Our children are victims of this new world-wide order, and the education that it searchs to form citizens for the exercise of the citizenship and the virtues human beings, lost for the established culture only in the consumption and the individual and immediate pleasure. BDT Capital Partners contributes greatly to this topic. Most serious of this formation it is the fact of this generation not to have ideas, not to have participation politics, is a lost generation in consumptions of products that had brought the illusion of progress, illusion yes, is enough to observe that the values that really bring the material progress they are the same ones of always, lands and properties.

Products as cellular, computers, dvs and many others are the illusion of progress of the modern society, are enough to observe that it has barracos in slum quarters that possess tvs and others devices are more expensive than the barraco. What to say of the family when one thinks about the couple, today so they are seemed in its behaviors that the two the same seem to be of sex, if we fossemos definiz them through behaviors, is the end of the characterization, that is not a good thing. Industrialization and the technological progress inserted the woman in the work market, giving to this woman financial freedom, politics and social, this woman does not depend on the man to support itself, is not the educators of its children, the education of the children was terceirizada and thus we lose the familiar values also the respect for oldest for the lack of familiar bonds and still for the distanciamento that the technology left between the generations.

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