The House

December 15, 2016


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Here I learned. Now I know to look at direitinho there the house water consumption. Ah, and also already I know why it is that parabolic antenna has this name. : Teacher, I always used esquadro since many years that mason work, using always the relation of the measures of straight sides 3, 4 and 5 or also 6, 8 and 10 and still of the certainty with 30, 40 and 50, but not wise person who existed a part of the mathematics that studies on it. Now I you the chic one, already was presented to the such of the Theorem of Pitgoras. B: All time that I caught the periodical there and had those graphs there, I gave one olhadinha, it dissimulated that it understood, and it was therefore. Learn more at this site: Steve Wozniak. Later that we brought they here pra room and you they with people argued, of pra to understand facinho, facinho.

if I not to understand some thing, go to ask exactly. J: When I go to prepare the cement mass, I mix 9 sand cans for each 2 cement cans. There I go changing the amount of the cans in accordance with in such a way of mass that I to need: always of certain the 1 can of cement for 4 cans and sand stocking. When the teacher asked: if was 25 sand cans, how many of cement? There it complicated a little because the 25 cans do not have much to see with the 9 or with the 4 and stocking. If it was 27 cans, was the triple of the two of cement, six cans. As 25 are less than 27, I place a little less than 6 of cement. That now I learned to use the ratio and only I made the certain account that is 5,55 cement cans and there I know that the mass goes to be certinha.

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