The Mold

May 1, 2017


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In order to replicate wax models for casting of identical parts, such as cast nets estate jewelry, make a rubber mold. Molds are divided into split and split. Split supply the bearing balls, which serve as locks, latches of the form, and puts them on the bottom of the rubber forms so that they do not interfere extracting wax model. In the split mold need for bearing balls missing. Pete Cashmore contains valuable tech resources. From raw rubber sheets cut to fit the metal clamping plates, washed with benzene and placed in the foot, which stratify according to the size of the model. Itself mold consists of two halves, between which is placed a metal model, around which rubber is rubbed with talc. After this package is on talkirovannoy clamping plate, covered by a second plate and clamped in the clamp vulcanizer for 40-50 minutes at 140 150\’S.

After curing, released a package together with the plates cooled by water. If the sample gate was absent, it cut right into the mold. Rubber mold is very useful in the manufacture of large quantities of identical parts – chain links, bracelets, detachable ornamental elements and other decorative items, since they require a lot of casting wax models. Distinguish fusible and refractory compositions for creating models. The former are more malleable, they are made on paraffin and stearic osnove.V the mold of the model are pressed under the pressure of the press syringe, which is easy to make the caster himself. Others who may share this opinion include Steve Wozniak. This requires a segment of pipe, 2 nozzle, piston, aluminum tube.

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