The Need For Openness In The Knowledge Of Judaism

February 1, 2015


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During my career as a consultant in community services in the Jewish communities where I worked, I\’ve noticed the lack of information that exists about Judaism among non-Jewish people. I believe that much of the antagonism towards the Jews, attacks on Jews and antisemitism in general are largely based on the simple fact that almost completely unknown what Judaism is and what the Jews have contributed to humanity. I have realized the need to create a new approach and not just open the doors of knowledge of my faith and heritage of Judaism, but to create in a comprehensive, orderly and Judaism didactic course that shows everyone who want what is Jewish culture. Using video techniques on the Internet, I think it is feasible to obtain a close relationship between the exponent and the student, improving the level of uptake of the items and leaving a door open for discussion through communication techniques: messaging, email, blogs , etc. Whereas the themes of Judaism are very varied, is necessary to structure a thematic index in an organized cover the topics to be studied. One should cover the issues of Judaism in an order suggested below: 1. Introduction 2. What is Judaism?, Who is a Jew? 3. Hebrew, Israelite, Jew, Israeli? 4. What we believe the Jews? 5. The Torah – the holy book in June.

The Talmud – The Jewish Encyclopedia 7. The Jewish calendar in August. The Sabbath in September. Rosh Hashanah – The New Year 10. Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement 11. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. Pesach – Passover 12. Shavuot – Pentecost 13. Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles 14. Hanukkah – Festival Delas lights 15. Purim – The Carnival? 16. Tu B\’Shvat Lag B\’Omer and 17. The days of mourning in the calendar 18. Yom Hatzmaut: Independence of Israel 19. From the Bar Mitzvah Brit Mila 20. Marriage in Judaism 21. Funerals in Judaism 22. Pray as a Jew: The link with God 23. The post-biblical sages 24. Diaspora: Judaism Corrientes 25. Kabbalah Basics 26. The commandments in everyday life 27. There Kosher World Com various ways to lead a Jewish life: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, it is necessary to be careful not to \”carry\” the student towards a particular trend, which is what most often happens in other videos you see on Youtube for example , where Rabbis speak specifically to lead a life Orthodox or otherwise. The idea is to show Judaism as a religion and culture at University, free of trends or proselytizing to anyone. Judaism must be shown in an objective, honest and impartial. The advantage of Internet technology makes the videos are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing the student to see and return to each session as often as you want. I think this idea should expand in various languages and allow to reach everyone who wants to know.

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