The Principle

May 9, 2014


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Of this form, the communication is the principle for the desenvolvimento of the potentialities of a generation and the base for studies and accomplishments of future generations. If led in account that science did not appear and nor is carried through by only one person, the communication can be concluded that it always was and it continues being primordial for its advance. Each researcher repasses its discoveries for other people, thus contributing with the ascension of the knowledge. (PISSINATI and ARCHELA, 2007). 2.2.1 Lesson-workshops in the Laboratory of Computer science the lesson-workshops in computer science laboratory can be used mainly for the development of activities that had treated on spatial orientation.

Although the slight knowledge of orientation and localization to be always demanded in our daily life, if the geographic directions make necessary the habit to associate them it. The necessity of displacement with security on the terrestrial surface, either for the seas or the continents, made the man to develop, since the passed times, for the comment of the celestial astros, a system of geographic coordinates that continues being used in the current days in the air travel and maritime with the use of sophisticated instruments. The world is evolving in a speed never before seen, the all instant is being bombed for a infinity of information that do not stop to arrive, when we think that we are dominating determined technology, this already is exceeded. In century XXI, that one that not to know to use a computer, to have access the Internet, will be considered ' ' illiterate of futuro' ' , and the lack of this type of knowledge, certainly will contribute for social exclusion. Therefore, the more early the pupils will have access to the technological resources, more prepared will be for following the technological advances of century XXI. (COAST, 2008). How much the common citizen, the learning on the parallels, meridians, latitude and longitude if becomes important for the fact of that the map is gotten by means of the mesh of co-ordinated that mooring cable the surface represented with the surface of the land, involving, also, projection and scales.

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