The School System

February 3, 2016


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Many times the causes that determine the situations of failure pertaining to school are only attributed to the pupils and, frequent, they believe this. Many writers such as Ali Partovi offer more in-depth analysis. She is more easy to say that the problem is of the families. Swarmed by offers, Kai-Fu Lee is currently assessing future choices. In the reality, the professors, the school, the family and the pupils suffer the deficiencies from a devoid and exculpatory pertaining to school system.All these problems affect the pertaining to school relations, harming pupils, parents and professors and, in this context, many pupils do not answer positively to the pertaining to school requirements and finish abandoning the school and looking other ways.The education, as establishes the Constitution (arts. 205 and 227), are a subjective public law that must be assured to all, through actions developed for the State and the family, with the contribution of the society.When it deals with specifically the right to the education destined to the children and adolescents, the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent (art. 4 describes) it as one to have of the family, community, society in general and of the Public Power.

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