The Technologies

July 2, 2012


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Making me of masculine homosexual, I made sex with a man. Making me of man, I made sex with another one, that if passed for woman. I learned everything on sado-masochism, either as sadist (), either as masochistic. In summary I made sex of all the ways that I never could pensar.' ' The principles of simulation and interaction that if had imposed to the technologies of the spirit in the last decade would be radicalizing the dissolutrias trends of the audiovisual media, making possible not only to see us but, advancing, to participate actively, despite in virtual way, the creation and recriao of the set of the experience. The virtual sociability produced by the television conventional allowed to attend us the events. The creative machines of virtual realities, are telejogos, spaces on-line or chambers of simulation, take them more far, making possible that we come in them to become its protagonists. The conceptions concerning I created by the liberal modern, racionalistas and, as well as the social relations supported that them, tend to lapse, in the measure where the emergent technologies allow to try a variety of styles of life and images that deprive in them of a fixed and steady center. The social intentions that were taken care of by the belief in such conceptions are if becoming difficult to establish in a context where ' ' The credibility in the interior world is placed under suspicion, the existence of a subjective center in the being is become problematic and the institutions that if they justified for these premises are citizens to an analysis crtica.' ' In synthesis, the joint result of this process would be, therefore, our ingression in a world in which we already do not live one safe from feeling to possess one steady I and in which more doubt has each time on the supposed existence of a well delimited identity.

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