The Third

Then the partners, it seems, there is no reason to seek the first level. No difference, and so and so 25% of sales, right? When selling to the link partner, the first level of money distributed as follows: 75% – 25% The author – Partner Tier When selling to the link partner, second-tier funds are distributed as follows: 70% – 5% The author – a Partner of the first level 25% – Partner in the second level get the most from multi-partner program. Register in affiliate program under the name of, say, 'I'm first. " Engage as a partner the next level as a (still create one account with the name 'I II'). Sell on the affiliate link, I'm second. According to Nicolas Keller, who has experience with these questions. " What we have with each sale? 25% commission on the account, 'I II + 1 / 5 from 25% in the form of remuneration to attract a partner at the expense of' I am the first. " 70% – 5% of the author – "I first '25% -' I The second 'Total 30% instead of 25%! If the scheme is not limited to two levels, you can register again under the name 'The Third I' as a partner in the third level, 'I II'.

Sell on the affiliate link, I am third. " What we have to each sale? 25% at the expense of 'The Third I + 5% at the expense of "I Second + 1% at the expense of' I am the first." Total 31%! In other words, for the same effort you can not receive 250 rubles from the sale, and 310 rubles. (24% more) if properly participate in the affiliate program. The same can not do? If you register in the affiliate program on several levels, then: do not use the same name can not use the same e-mail can use the same e-purse (which translate commission) can not register at all levels with an interval of several minutes is good in mail services and electronic payment systems do not verify the authenticity of the name. Recorded at intervals of several days. Who you hurry? And receives from each sale to an affiliate program, at least 20% more. That is, in general, and all.

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