The Trade Of Nostalgia

November 22, 2013


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It is my infinite nostalgia of other latitudes which causes that my heart shakes of joy to have been born here where I have been born! Jens August Schade Summary Of course, the trade always activates for satisfying the needs of their main actor like are the consumer, to whom the companies, that offer their products to him must please and you take advantage of their emotions, feelings, impulse of the purchase, by all means with ethics, values. An interesting subject of study of markets by its reach, which represents is all concerning nostalgia, dice to which represents and how it carries out a determining roll in the conduct, behavior of the consumers. Basic annotations, reach, repercussions nostalgia can appear according to many facts, feelings, emotions that arose and that can go from our contact with people, like of the surroundings of where we have lived, been born, developed, friendships, places that there are well-known, in aim everything what of some form she has affected our life and have left us tracks that often they arise and they take step to the emotions. It of course, is profiteer by some companies to make products, to offer services that maintain activates nostalgia, especially the emigrants, as the case most numerous the one from the Mexicans to the United States. The case of the Mexicans identified with its roots, traditions, custom and that represents a significant number of consumers for the United States is a very interesting case of study on this topic, and all concerning the trade and the behavior of the consumer. That\’s why not us it must surprise indicates as it, that Market of nostalgia is the concept that is used to designate the shared habits of consumption by those who cling to their roots when they are far from his country of origin. It adds, that the nostalgia market for example, it is represented by the Mexicans that lives in the United States and does all the possible one to consume the products that knew in their childhood. .

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