Time Community System

March 7, 2016


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Introduction the city of situated Medicilndia on the edges of the Transamaznica Highway of 230 BR Altamira Stretch to the Itaituba in Par, comes being affected for some problems, as main we can cite: ambient question, lack of support technician in agriculture, high index of poverty, lacks to education and health of quality, etc. With the agrarian problems, economic, of health and social political in our city, it is important to search the causes that had brought as much disequilibrium in the region. Therefore a research in the property of Mr. Adilson was carried through Pear tree of the passion that deferred payment in the community Is Brs km 105, and through the contained information it was possible in such a way to identify the positive and negative problems that happen in the region city. But valley to register here that although the problems identified in the community of the interviewed one, is possible to mainly perceive the wealth that the region offers, for the productive potential in the cacaueira farming. The objective of the research it is also for identifying as the families live in the property, as they use the practical ones of cultivos, that relation make with the environment and of that it forms are making to prevent the ambient disequilibrium. Of the same form to perceive the relationship and convivncia of the school and community in the teach-learning process, in the reading and writing, a time that, all are participant protagonists and of this involving way. In this community we can divide the families in two groups; the proprietors and the half leaseholders, because it is a purple ground area, that means the cacao culture large-scale. Through the data raised in the research, he follows in paragraphs reflection and analysis thus to take conscience to all population of the city and region of what the men are capable in the transformation of this world who we live.

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