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October 20, 2014


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Clive Williams Tel Aviv, Israel top image systems (TIS), appointed Senior Vice President of business banking Ltd. (NASDAQ: TISA;) TASE: TISA), a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM)-solutions, has appointed Clive Williams as the new Senior Vice President of business banking. So TIS strengthens its global position in the banking business in line with its business strategy. Clive Williams brings over twenty years experience in the banking and financial services market. Previously, he was responsible for enterprise retail banking, asset management, compliance, and risk management at Misys international banking systems plc, a leading provider of applications and services for the banking sector. With the support of Clive Williams we will strengthen our banking business segment and further expand\”, so Dr. ido Schechter, Chief Executive Officer of TIS.

His profound knowledge of the industry and his experience perfectly suited to our strategic approach in the field of banking.\” Clive Williams to: I look forward to working at a company like TIS, positioned in the ECM market for many years. That\’s a big challenge for me, and I\’ll do my best so that TIS in the future can exploit its potential in the banking sector.\” During his time at Misys, Clive Williams was responsible for strategic planning, development and introduction of corporate solutions and related business areas. In addition, he worked for Misys Banking solutions as a member of the Management Board and of the Strategic Advisory Board. The numerous executive and Board positions at the Highams Group plc proceeded, a leading provider of software and services for the international banking and insurance market. During his time at the Highams Group Managing Director worked Williams among others as Group Business Development Director, head of strategy and as a divisional. Previously, he was Managing Director of the Enterprise Group plc. Clive Williams is in United Kingdom a certified engineer and IT expert, taught at the Institute of marketing and has an MBA from the prestigious Henley business school (HBS).

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