Traps: Design, Application And Market

Traps: design, application and market. Depending on the number, size and complexity paropotreblyayuschih installations and steam plant on the number of traps used (hereinafter – KO) can tens, hundreds or even thousands of pieces. Heat saving in the condensate is only possible in the selection of design, appropriate working conditions, properly install and operate. In practice selection ko constructed as follows: Enterprise producer or the seller finds out the parameters of thermal engineering paropotreblyayuschego heat transfer equipment, the requirements for the dimensions of the ko, the other operating conditions – in short, anything that will make it possible to pick up the ko model (a combination of models) that will work effectively in this system paropotreblyayuschego heat exchange equipment. Naturally, the offer must minimum pricing solutions that ensure the appropriate level of quality. With the help of questionnaires and their subsequent analysis and preparation of commercial proposals. Also operate the program for personal selection ko computers, they are producers of their products under the description of the interaction between consumers and producers of co should be noted that the Russian market there are companies that provide their clients with products for testing in the action without prepayment, that enables consumers to make sure the quality and reliability of equipment, the economic impact of its introduction. The big plus for the company, decided to install and use the co is engineering support from the manufacturer or seller. When designing systems paropotreblyayuschego heat exchange equipment (Designing by customer or project organizations) Installation ko, his place in the system and options are planned under the project, ie, that the designers choose and lay a draft of specific models of QRs.

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