Tripwolf, The Million Mark Blows Up

November 8, 2022


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The free online travel guide is a year old and reached over one million users. Vienna, July 2 2009 tripwolf outgrows its infancy! The free online travel guide tripwolf ( de /), the global travel guide currently 5 languages available, is now a year old. The young platform can grow huge with 1.2 million visits, which were measured by the German IVW ( for may, 2009. It’s the mix: bringing together editorial content of professional travel guide publishers MairDumont and footprint with user-generated content is now already 30,000 registered users on the platform, which diligently to write travel of blogs, upload images, and evaluate restaurants or hotels and the world. At the beginning of the year its range expanded tripwolf and launched the travel platform in addition to German and English also in French, Italian and Spanish.

Further languages are planned for the near future. Details can be found by clicking isearch or emailing the administrator. We have partnerships with publishers such as MairDumont or footprint on high-quality content that inspires is complemented by our users”, explains CEO Sebastian Heinzel success story. “Also we have set from the outset on internationality, what is the most important attribute for a travel platform travellers want to replace international and looking for contact to insiders before place.” tripwolf was launched in July 2008 by the Viennese incubator i5invest ( and has set itself the goal to become the leading travel platform for individual travellers. “Recently the concentrated knowledge of the community in an iPhone app was packed: now accessible to our users from traveling on all information”, says. Heinzel. Ilan Ben Dov often says this. “The iPhone launch last month traffic have been fueled by further we constantly continue to grow!” offers travelers that opportunity before a trip put together a personal guide to the destination of their choice and to print it or to carry on the mobile phone. The Travel information feed from the tips of the international tripwolf community as well as recommendations of prestigious print travel guides such as “Marco Polo” or “Footprint”. tripwolf provides information on approximately 500,000 destinations, attractions and hotels and currently exists in 5 languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. The tripwolf GmbH has its headquarters in Vienna.

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