United Nations Security Council

April 3, 2013


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..It seems that Gutenberg Martinez\’s Christian democracy and Soledad Alvear seized the Presidential Faculty of directing the foreign policy of the Government, acting in a somewhat hysterical scenario transversely manufactured by right that belongs to the opposition, which is nested inside the Government, more press that exhibited the same ideological sign. The presidential decision, adopted at a cabinet meeting that Sunday, argued the absence of consensus in Latin America. Anticipating that Guatemala nor Venezuela meet enough preferences, not to lose their vote. Chile took refuge in the COMMODE and little ethical abstention, which marks a certain continuity in the lack of definition of a coherent foreign policy, particularly toward South America. Discouraging voting for Venezuela in New York strengthened allegations in favour of the wisdom of the Bachelet abstentionist stance, although in fact it desmerecio your real driver role of foreign policy. The decision was communicated the public around 9 o\’clock that Sunday, but before the own Chairperson reported is personally to the President of the Christian Democrats.

Until the Minister Secretary general of Government, Ricardo Lagos Weber, announced the Sunday night that Chile decided to abstain in the election of a non-permanent member of Latin American origin in the United Nations Security Council, the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, called by telephone to the boss of the Christian democracy (DC), Soledad Alvearto explain the reasons for which took that decision… THE BEFORE…NI LOS after the reference to the earlier or the later alluded to a threat of rupture of the local DC with the Socialist ruling after an eventual vote by Venezuela). Blackmail was made by the President of the organization Christian Democratic of America (ODCA), Gutenberg Martinez, who has no relevant positions in the party but is the husband of the President, the Senator and former Foreign Minister Soledad Alvear, who also aspires to be the next President of Chile.

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