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May 10, 2017


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Worldwide development! visiTor allows mobile video intercom. Of course, made in Germany. It\’s ringing? You are now who is at the door immediately in the picture,: with visiTor communicate with your visitors comfortably from your sofa, or where you are in your home. When someone presses your doorbell, your door camera image automatically appears on the display of your iPhones or iPads. You can speak directly with your visit and open the door to him.

If you have installed multiple cameras, you can switch at your fingertips between different views, for example, to monitor the outdoor area of your home. As long as you reside in the Wi-Fi reception area of your home, the most useful innovation is visiTor always available since the invention of the ring! All you need to do this, the visiTor application together with the controller is an iPhone, or iPad running iOS 4.3, a video intercom with telephone interface (a-b), as well as a Wi-Fi connection. Is its intercom older? VisiTor no problem is compatible with the most door intercommunication systems (E.g. Ritto, TCS, Gira, u.v.m Siedle,.). Communicate with your iPhone or iPad is made via a Wi-Fi connection, anywhere in the House or garden, where Wi-Fi reception is possible, visiTor is available. To do this, only some parameters in the configuration settings of the iPhones or iPads must be (such as IP address and port of the visiTor controller). In your Web browser you can make then individual settings for cameras, SIP gateway, door intercom stations etc..

Up to five devices (iPad/iPhone) to a controller can be operated in the base version of the visiTor. If necessary, the connection to other units is possible at any time via a license extension, other components are not required. Want to learn more? Visit us on the Internet! Dr. arch. Manuela Banck Head of marketing and communications-visiomatic GmbH Germany Web:

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