What Is A Domain And Hosting ?

October 1, 2018


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Website development always occurs in stages. The first step – this is the definition of subject site, domain registration and hosting purchase. If everything is clear with the subject, something about the domain and hosting is to talk in more detail. What is it? Every day, going from one site to another, we are dealing with the domain. Sometimes, not knowing enter the site address in your browser. And in fact this is the domain.

Domain – is the name of the site with which it is found on the web. Domains There are several levels of free and paid, which are recorded directly on the hosting site or in a separate domain registrar. Top-level domains – international and national. For example, for Russia use zone. ru, for Ukraine -. ua.

International is a band. Com,. Org,. Net, etc. Second-level domains – is a set of Latin characters, or (now there is a possibility recently) a set of Cyrillic characters, ie Russian letters, as well as numbers and dash. That second-level domains are owned by whomever owns the site. Such domains are often chosen for a specific theme of the site. For example: – free website development. Third-level domains – most often it is subdivisions already existing site on a domain level 2. The site owner can create it independently of the external systems or recorders. For example: So, thought up the name and decide on the theme, it is necessary Now find a place to host your site. Such a service can provide hosters. Hosting – this is the place for a site on the server. Server – a computer on which there are special programs you installed and connected to the Internet via high-speed communication channel. If you think you have to create your own server rather easily, then you are mistaken. Therefore, in order to save your money and time better to turn to hosting companies for the purchase of melon type of service. To put it simply hosting – it flat for your site, you can get paid or free. Naturally, free hosting has its limitations: you can not use scripts may have to be placed on the page banner of hosting, limited disk space or accommodation only at the third level domain.

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