Winter Garden

June 5, 2023


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Building your home, we want to combine comfort, practicality and beauty. The desire to live in harmony with nature can best be done by building a wooden house. Preserving the unique atmosphere of comfort, it can be equipped with all household and technical devices that meet the modern requirements of comfort, and has all the attributes of modern architecture the bay window, which are cozy dining room or living room, but if you want – Winter Garden, French roof, under which comfortably accommodated the bedroom or study, balcony on the front. Going out of town to communicate with nature, to relax from the bustle of the city, the huge soulless concrete mass similar to each other houses and the tyranny of traffic. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Andrew Schroepfer. So if you are contemplating how to build a house for his country area, it is better not to move here of the metropolis of aesthetics, and build housing that would be harmonized with the surrounding natural landscape features and meet the Russian character. It is a wooden house. According to Dermot McCormack, who has experience with these questions. Tree in Russia was always the mother, the usual construction material.

Until now, we are struck by its beauty. And the craftsmanship stood Century traditional wooden buildings of the Russian North. And how wonderful to breathe in this house! The log walls regulate the humidity, the walls of the house inside and out constantly ventilated. Wooden house does not require interior trim, bright 'sun' tree was good in itself, it creates a feeling like you're in the woods. The tree is still relevant in the construction of residential town houses and now, it is necessary to combine Russian national tradition and modern technology that will protect the wood from rotting, cracking and fracture. Russian specificity is manifested in the breadth and openness of the spaces in the building heat material in the subject filling the house. Subject environment is based on the main matter – wood.

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