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December 31, 2012


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The result of the renovation of the website has exceeded the expectations of their customers. It is a very graphical website, where it leaves protagonism to spacious and colorful photographs, offering information from their premises, different menus that offer their customers and even the Creperie staff. In addition to the renewal of your digital image, expand news as the possibility of organizing events and celebrations at the Creperie, become a fan on Facebook and even a virtual view at one of his local with a single click. In the new web page leaves a section only to its franchisees and potential new franchisees, offering extensive information on the necessary requirements to be able to continue with the expansion of the brand and a brief description of the trajectory of the brand to become a recognised brand. Information about the company: since 1996, the year in which the first accommodation opened La Boheme has had as main business line service comida-crepes – salads, using the system of restaurant, under the concept of fast food, healthy, quality and moderate prices.

And as a result, it has become one more recognized brand on the island of Tenerife, from the hand of its founder and President, Thierry Carayol, of French origin. At present, anyone who wants to own a business like this, can do so, because La Boheme has opened its doors to the world of franchising. In addition, the Ensign offers a training program for the very complete franchisee, with a theoretical part and a practical one, allowing you to learn everything you need to start the business, relying on the assistance and support continued by the franchisor. MORE information: 902-875-479 Orientanegocio.

Mexico Business

December 30, 2012


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Business Digitalapunta to clients distinctive niches-regardless of that kind is, where they live or how big that is. What matters is that its members are on the same wavelength: have the same values and attitudes. Ideally, dominate a particular niche, cover all specific market worldwide. As it is known, it is better to be a big fish in a pond that one very small in the big ocean. The idea is that if approached, concentrates and devotes all his energy to create and then exploit a very narrow market niche, can make lots of money.

The niche can be formed by architects aged 30 to 45 who are bald and with glasses. Or by engineers fond of Parcheesi. If it manages to attract these customers globally, you can achieve great economic benefits. It is easier to say you do. We must get it right. You need to provide the exact offer a clearly identified niche and do it repeatedly. In Spain there will be no more than 80, in Argentina they do not exceed the 90 and there are 300 in Mexico but to conquer country after country, the business is It is more lucrative. In 2006, Chris Anderson published the Long Tail economy (and since then the term no longer heard in the media around the world, everything changed) to describe how small segments are summed up to create a multi-million dollar business.

It is necessary to choose. Customize your bid and then make it even more. In a world of fragmentation, the niches are increasingly smaller and thanks to the digital economy (Internet) are divided into thousands, and not within long time in millions of them. Popularizing and democratizing the network globally, with Google at the head, has made people to move from the real world (what we know) to a new world, the Digital (what do not know) and has made that choice are virtually unlimited with regard to some years ago. It is a completely new economic model and that is starting to show his power and that it is changing the way of doing business in one industry after another, and until we reach to all. Before the whether is it possible to earn money on the Internet with a Digital business? The answer is emphatically yes!.! And I do not say it. Returning again to the good and famous book by Chris Anderson, the economy Long Tail or long tail take as an example a study by AC Nielsen in the year 2005 in the last paragraph of the page. 264 which says that more than 724,000 Americans report that eBay is their first or second source of income and must be taken into account in this study are not Amazon, ClickBank, Comission Junction, Paypal thanks to new technologies and the Internet, have broken the barriers of entry to the production and marketing of products and services to give access to millions of people. This has allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans and all parties, individual and anonymous people have been able to earn money with hobbies and hobbies because they have been found and they have communicated effectively with a group of people (niche market) globally with the same passions and hobbies and have sold them to through a Digital business in a very cost-effective manner. !!!The Micromercados had been imposed on the macromarkets! I hope that the article has been useful and of interest.

National System

December 16, 2012


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But so that this occurs she will be necessary all a structure as it places Volpi well (2006, p.42). The application of partner-educative measures cannot happen isolated of the social context, economic politician and where the adolescent is involved. Before everything she is necessary that the State organizes public politics to assure, with absolute priority, the infanto-youthful rights. Only with the rights the familiar and communitarian convivncia, the health, the education, the culture, sport and leisure, and excessively right universalizados, will be possible to diminish significantly it practises of infracionais acts committed by adolescent. In accordance with the National System of Attendance Socioeducativo – SINASE, ' ' practical the social ones must offer real conditions, by means of programmatical actions and activities the active and qualitative participation of the family in the socioeducativo process, making possible the reinforcement of the bonds and the inclusion of the adolescents in the familiar and communitarian environment. The actions and activities must be programmed from the familiar and communitarian reality of the adolescents so that in set? familiar program of attendance, adolescents and? they can find answers and approach solutions of its real necessities. In this direction, the application of the partner-educative measures does not have to only abide for the circumstances and the gravity of the infracional act, but, also the personal conditions of the adolescent, its familiar, social references and its personality, as well as its capacity to fulfill the measure imposed.

2,1 Partner-educative measures: application and eficciA warning the first one measured educative partner is elencada in article 115 of the ECA, which makes use that: ' ' it will consist of verbal admonition, that will be reduced the term and assinada' '. Volpi (1997) presents that: The warning constitutes admoestatria, informative and formative and immediate a measure, being executed for the judge of infancy and youth. The manifest coercion in its intimidatrio character, having to involve the responsible ones in a ritualstico procedure.

The Lagoon System 40 But Efficient That The Washing In Dry

December 4, 2012


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The department of innovation and development of the tax exemptions of Lagoon dry cleaners, has elaborated a complete report comparing the power consumptions, water, dissolvents and soaps, between the novel Lagoon system and a machine of last generation of the traditional washing in dry. This report power it is come off that the tax exemptions Lagoon dry cleaners are a more efficient 40%, speaking, besides not generating no type of remainder. Aside clearly of the excellent quality of washing that porporciona Lagoon. Consumption by kilo of clothes treated Machine about dry Percloroetileno Lagoon System Washed to the water Water 19.2 liters 15.4 liters Electricity 0.69 kwh 0.29 kwh Detergent 4 -8 15 ml 20 ml Percloroetileno 60 grams – Destiny of the emissions Machine of dry Percloroetileno Lagoon System Washed to the water Water public Sewage system public Sewage system Electricity Atmosphere like? T Atmosphere like? T Detergent Bottoms of distillation public Sewage system Percloroetileno Bottoms of destilacin2 Water of contact Atmosphere Articles Ground (flights) – We analyzed the data of the study (all the consumptions are by kilo of treated clothes): WATER: The washing with a machine of dry requires of 19.2 liters of water whereas with the system lagoon 15.4 liters are only spent. Thus we see that we spent more water with the washing in dry that with the Lagoon system, that is specifically a water washing. That is to say, that the volume of water that needs the dry machine to only cooling is much greater than the one than needs the Lagoon system for all the process cleaning. ELECTRICITY: With the cost of electricity it passes a thing similar that with the cost of the water. Whereas to wash a kilo of clothes with a machine that uses Percloroetileno we needed 0.69 Kwh. with the system of washing with water of Lagoon we used only 0.29 Kwh.

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